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Charles or Charlie?

We are team green, and I could go in for induction any day now.
We like Charlie for either sex, but definitely leaning towards that for a boy. DH first name is Charles, but he goes by his middle name. My dad is also Charles. 
We're trying to decide if the name should actually be Charles or Charlie. 
DH hated being called Charles in school, since he didn't go by that, and thinks we should name him what we'd call him anyway. 
I like Charlie better than Charles, but like the idea that he'd be able to choose the full/more formal name as an adult/professional. 
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Re: Charles or Charlie?

  • I think Charles for sure for the reasons you stated. You guys can call him Charlie and I'm sure his peers/teachers will as well if that's what he goes by. 
  • My uncle and grandfather were Charles. I love it. It is great for a more formal option. I feel like Charlie just doesn't sound professional enough depending on what field he goes into.

    If your (maybe) son wants to go by Charlie or Chuck or any other nickname, his teachers and classmates will honor that.
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  • Charles nn Charlie- he will thank you when he's 30 and putting his full name on a resume 
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  • Charles. Nickname Charlie
  • Charles with the nickname Charlie
  • Charles. Hands down. No contest.
  • Charles.  I prefer having the formal name as an option to use as he gets older.  I find that in school, daycare, etc, most people ask if a child goes by a nickname so I wouldn't let your DH's experience in school sway you either way.  
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  • Charles nn Charlie- he will thank you when he's 30 and putting his full name on a resume 
    Agree 100%
  • Charles, no question.
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