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Hi everyone... I am currently in the process of waiting to be matched to a birth mother through my Adoption Agency. Previously I used to post on TTC boards, but we've moved on from there after multiple years and multiple methods of TTC.

As a single woman with a SO, this has been quite the learning process. Because we're not married, I am adopting the child as a single parent. Then my SO and I will be raising the child together. It's been interesting working with our agency because I don't fit the traditional mold of "Single Parent" or "Married Couple". 

I look forward to going through this journey with you and to see how your own APs are progressing as time moves by.

BTW, what do you do while you're waiting to be matched? I'm working on some marketing materials for my agency to use to find a birth mother, but I'm a total loss as to what I should be doing next?

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  • @AnnieR81  Do you live with your SO? It seems weird that if you do, the agency wouldn't just treat you the same as if you were married. That must be one of those things that varies from place to place.

    I'm in the waiting game too, but for foster care (which means there is even less I can do to speed up the process). It's hard, but what helps me the most is really just not thinking about it too much and focusing on other parts of my life. Of course, that kind of goes out the window every time my phone rings lol
    Me: 27   H: 26
    Foster Care process
    Licensed: June 2017
    FS 1 placed with us: January 2018
    FS 2 placed with us: March 2019
  • @britters314 Yes, I live with my significant other. He is considered "Other Adult Living in the Household" and had to have medical sign-off and background check. But legally the kid will be mine. Maybe other States are different.

    I know what you mean about the phone... lol. I am trying to say busy, but at the same time, I don't want to get over committed like I sometimes do because once the baby is here, that's it.

    Good luck with everything. Keep me posted on how things are progressing.
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