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Vasa Previa - Succenturiate Bi-lobe complications

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During 20 wk anatomy scan, diagnosed with Vasa Previa. Also, have bi-lobe with vessels crossing over cervix. Had no idea what this all meant until I googled. Learned a lot but terrified. Next growth scan at 28 wks. Currently 25 wks 5 days. OB stated that MFM Dr notes suggestion of hospitalization between 30-34 wks and planned csection between 34-35 wks. Nervous wreck with so many questions and concerns. What complication are there for preterm birth? How long will she be in NICU? How do I survive bedrest? How can I prepare? I also have two boys and may also miss my oldest 8th bday. Anyone else going through this or been through it?

Re: Vasa Previa - Succenturiate Bi-lobe complications

  • I am so sorry  and am going to send some positive thoughts your way.  During my 20 weeks scan after a lot of spotting, the doc realized I had a low lying placenta.  He didn't say it was a huge deal and basically told me to just take it easy.  My maternal instinct was to put myself on "bed rest" until the spotting stopped.  When it stopped I made the decision to not lift any heavy weights and only walk/move around when absolutely necessary.  Six weeks later during a follow up ultrasound, the doctor realized my placenta was a lot lower than he had originally thought.  Complete Placenta Previa.  The doctor seemed very surprised and put me on "modified bed rest" which is what I was basically doing.  He also limited the amount of travel, and told me to be no more more than 30 minutes from hospital at any given time.  He warned me of bleeds...and said more than likely we'd have a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks, if we can make it that far.
    I was scared out of my mind for about a week, afraid to move and felt like a ticking time bomb.  Now at 31 weeks, I have come more to terms with it all.  The baby will be here before full term, but it's the safest bet.  My doc said he'd get me on steroids to allow lung maturation, but that even if baby was born sooner than 37 weeks (at the time I was 26 weeks when he said this) Baby had a great chance of being a-ok.  
    It was difficult to be on bedrest at first, but I have come to terms with it.  I have a 9 year old and it's been hard to miss her tournaments and school events...but it's for the best, and very very temporary.  Take this time right now to lounge on the couch/bed and watch Netflix.  There are a lot of good shows, and your baby will be healthier if you give yourself the bed rest you need.  Ask relatives to cook/bring you food, and take the bed rest very seriously... nothing is worst than losing your baby.  Your two boys will be ok with a little extra TV time, and you can make it up to your oldest when you're recovering and holding your healthy baby in your hands.
    You and baby WILL be ok...I just know it! :) keep us posted!
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