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Rock n Play question

Hi Ladies, Not exactly shower related but registry.  My friends just gave me a brand new in box fisher price rock n play from about 5 years ago that they never used and found the box in their basement as they are getting ready to move and have no use for it.  I googled it and there was a recall on the older models because they could grow mold if you don't wash them regularly.  Does anyone that has older children and used a rock n play have a mold issue? The mold grows between the cover and liner.  I'm a ftm so debating if I should keep it and add another on to my registry.


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  • Still TTGP, so take my opinion with a grain of salt maybe, but if there was a recall on a product I'm not going to use it. I don't care if 1765457 women used it totally fine, if the risk is high enough that a company willingly said  "hey don't use this" then I'm not going to take the risk. Recalls aren't put in place for fun, they're out in place because the risk outweighs the rewards. 
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    I think it depends on how you envision using a PnP.  I've known people who used their PnP as the primary sleeping place for their infant for several months before switching the baby to the crib.  I've known people who kept it set up on the lower floor of their townhouse so they had a place for the baby to sleep in the evening while they were watched TV.  I've known people who registered for one and NEVER used it.  I started out with my oldest thinking I'd use it as a bassinet, but that only lasted about 10 days.  From then on, it became something we only used when camping or vacationing.  

    My point is this:  if you wind up using a PnP as a place where your baby sleeps a lot, the sleeping surface will get wet with both urine and sweat.  If the PnP is made so that the sleeping surface is not waterproof but also can't be washed, it could lead to mold.  

    That being said, I would not turn down a free PnP.  I'd take it and experiment with it to see how much you think you'll use it.  If you wind up liking it, and you think you'll be using it a lot, get rid of the freebie and buy one with the features you know you'll like before the mold sets in.  If you wind up not liking it, or only using it very occasionally, you'll have saved yourself the cost of a fairly big-ticket item.

    Honestly, I think that in order to be harmed by mold, an infant would have to spend a LOT of time in the PnP, breathing the spores.  So this is a recall that really only applies if you're using the product as a crib.  There are parents who do use it this way, so the manufacturer had to issue the recall.  
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  • @neverblushed OP is referring to the rock n play, not the pack n play. You made some good points regardless:)

    OP I would check to see if any place would allow you to exchange it for a newer model that isn't affected by the recall. Just tell then you got it as a gift, therefore you don't have a receipt. Or contact the manufacturer directly to see if they can do anything. 
  • If this specific model was recalled I would toss it and register for a new one.  If it was crazy expensive then I might be more hesitant, but it's just not worth it.  When you put your baby in it you don't want any more anxiety then you'll already have.  And just a heads up that the RnP is not a safe sleeping surface.  Babies should be in cribs or bassinets that have been approved for nighttime sleep.  
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  • DOH!  My eyes were playing tricks on me, or I should have read more carefully!  

    I have to change my advice from above.  Since it's not such a big ticket item, I would just skip it and register for a new one that has not been recalled.  Most people really do use baby seats like this a ton, and it's likely that your baby would be spending a good bit of time in it.  They do get wet, and it's something I'd want to know wouldn't accumulate mildew.  I'd just go ahead and get a new one that you know doesn't have that problem.

    I stand by my advice above, though, if I were offered a recalled pack-n-play!  Some people spend a lot and use them only once or twice.  Given the reason for that particular recall, why not take a freebie and try it out?? 
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    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
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  • My cousin gave us one that was 6 years old when I had my baby.  We used it as a place for him to nap when we spent the afternoon at my parents.  We never had a problem with it getting wet or dirty, so cleaning it wasn't an issue.  But I'm almost positive the fabric part can go in the wash.  It's kind of a pain to take apart though, so most people probably don't.
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