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FFFC 8/11

Are there any new confessions today?? 
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Re: FFFC 8/11

  • @bumpybump I'm on boy 2 and it still scares me. I'm trying to make sure it's clean, but trying to be quick in order not to get peed on. Definitely scary.
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  • My FFFC: if this LO is a boy, DH and I will end up taking him to a different hospital out of town (and paying) to get him circumcised as our hospital no longer offers it unless it's medically necessary later in life. 

  • @bumpybump I'm scared of this too. If we have a boy he will most likely not be circumcised (DH pretty adamant about that) and I'm afraid I'm going to damage the foreskin or somehow cause a UTI. 
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  • @bumpybump and I'm scared of the girl! Lol worries me about UTIs since poop gets all up in there :/ 
  • @bumpybump and I'm scared of the girl! Lol worries me about UTIs since poop gets all up in there :/ 
    Just make sure you always wipe front to back. 
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  • @Blackandyellow My understanding is that the foreskin retracts when boys get older, so damage should be easy to avoid for an infant. I didn't really want to circumcise and having to learn about all the aftercare in a newborn prep class confirmed for me and DH--who wants one more thing to take care of?
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  • I won't buy a silver or gray car. I don't care if it's the perfect car for us- price,options, brand... I just won't do it. Thankfully my husband understands that it's just a weird quirk of mine and is fine with this when we go car shopping.

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  • @mango517 When DH and I upgraded our car, I told him that I would drive most anything off the lot, but not a Red or White car.  I dont hate silver/grey, but I prefer dark, black/navy blue or green.  Our first car was navy blue and we traded up for a black car! 
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  • @bumpybump we had a circumcision at home and I was so worried he was going to get hurt.
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  • @HappyToBeHere- that's really surprising to me that your hospital doesn't offer it! The adult males I've know that haven't been circumcised wish they would have been and have definitely considered the surgery but it's a lot more painful/complicated when you are older. 
  • My FFFC is I just realized that Open House for my boys' school year was LAST NIGHT.  :o  I totally blanked, and to make it worse, I have an ultrasound the morning they start back (next week), and now DH is tasked with meeting the teachers, dropping off forms, etc. Needless to say, he's not happy about it. I blame pregnancy brain!
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