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Swaddling in hot weather

Hi there, we're in our 30 degree months and my 3 month old can NOT sleep without being swaddled because his startle reflex scares him awake. The fan doesn't do much to cool our room down so he gets clammy even though he only has a diaper on underneath. I CAN'T use the blankets anymore because he is an escape artist - it has to be the actual sacks. I have Halo, SwaddleMe and Woombie - he's hot in all of them. Any suggestions?? 

Re: Swaddling in hot weather

  • Have you tried the muslin Halo swaddles? Very light!
  • We also have some muslin swaddles, which our DD wears with just a diaper, when we swaddle - but she doesn't like it.  Also, she gets super hot anyways, so we bought a cheap-o $5.00 fan that we run next to the crib.

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