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how do I create a baby shower website?


Most of our family won't be able to attend the baby shower and I want to create a website with all the showers info, post games etc so they can feel apart. Are there any websites out there that let you do this? I know there are a ton of these for weddings. 

Re: how do I create a baby shower website?

  • Hey, @nikkibey!  I see you're new here.  Welcome and congrats!  I hope you plan on sticking around - there is a intro post that is stickied to the top of the page where you can introduce yourself!  There is a great group of women here who are really invested in each others' journey and helping each other through this time in our lives. It's a wonderful resource.
    Generally speaking, we try and limit one-off posts here.  We have several regular posts and posts on big topics.  The thought there is that it can really quickly get busy and the important posts get lost.  

    But since I'm here, I'll provide my two cents to your question: 
    • I've never seen a website platform to do this.  When I Googled "baby shower website" it gave me a few options, although at least one looked like it was a paid platform.  
    • I'll be honest with you, I don't love this idea.  You do you, but I wanted to share how this might come off to others.  For me, something about this feels slimy and almost gift grabby (not saying that is your intent, just how it feels to me).  A baby shower is very different than a wedding.  I've never seen a website for a wedding shower. Wedding websites are more about sharing the story of the couple and making sure attendees have all the relevant information for attending the event day of, which isn't always realistic to include on the invite.  
    • If you're looking to include some people who won't be able to travel, I've had some people set up a Google Hangout/Skype call to dial in.  The one I felt worked best was one particular friend who set up a Google Hangout link, had a computer there, and communicated to those who weren't local to dial in at X time.  Because everyone dialing in was college friends, when it was the designated dial in time, the mom brought a couple college friends with her to the computer.  It made it feel like a group convo that would have happened if the attendees were there in person.  She spent about 10 minutes chatting with the people on the computer, again, like it was just a group of friends at the shower and she was floating from group to group.  She also timed it so the dial in was just before she planned on opening presents, so once she wrapped up the convo, she left the computer video call up as she opened presents.  She (very slyly) made sure that the gifts she happened to open first were the ones shipped from those who were on video call. Most attendees stuck around for a little bit of gift opening, but no one stuck it out for the whole gift opening.  Doing it like that seemed really seamless, didn't feel gift grabby, and it allowed the mom to focus on those people for a few moments without ignoring the rest of the party.  

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  • I have never heard of this either, and I question how you would "post games" for people to play? Like by themselves? Would they taste baby food in their kitchen alone or paint a onesie and mail it to you? Which leads me to ask, who is hosting the virtual baby shower?
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  • To create a baby shower website for remote attendees, you can use website builders like Wix, Weebly, or WordPress, which offer user-friendly templates and customization options. You can include event details, RSVP forms, photo galleries, and even integrate online games or activities to engage virtual guests.

    While there may not be as many specialized baby shower website platforms as there are for weddings, these general website builders can help you achieve your goal of sharing information and fostering a sense of inclusion for family members who can't attend in person.
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