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Can't Foster/Adopt- BSL Issues (dog breed issue)

Has anyone ran into foster/adoption issues because of their dog's breed? We were notified it was Pitties, Rotties, and I think one other.

Story below:

I'm reaching out on here because my cousin and his wife have recently reached out to the foster care system in Massachusetts and we're looking to foster or possibly adopt a child. They were so excited about this decision when quickly it turned into a devastating situation.  My cousin Mark who has served our country in the Navy has a five-year-old son who is currently around their three family dogs. His wife Alyssa is a big dog rescue advocate and adopting a child is another way she proves to be a caring and loving person!  Their dreams of adopting a child were shattered when they were notified they could not foster or adopt a child because two of their dogs are Pitbulls.  It's frustrating to me as a pitbull owner and foster parent of dogs to see the system continue to be outdated.  Bite statistics have shown that a Dachshund or a Jack Russell Terrier's more likely to bite and yet they would never prevent a child being adopted to a home with that breed of dog. It's sad to say that a child is going to remain in foster care when there's a perfectly good family willing to adopt a child and the only thing standing between them and a future with a happy home is a name of a dog breed that is misunderstood.  Foster care system is broken alone and I won't even get into that but these laws need to change because it's not only the children that are being affected but families are being turned away when they have perfectly happy animals that would love to add another child into the home. These dogs are currently around children and have proven to be great family dogs.

I'm involved in dog rescue and have always wanted to foster kids and I'm also a rescue pittie mom so this hits home for me.

Re: Can't Foster/Adopt- BSL Issues (dog breed issue)

  • That's so unfortunate. I bet it's Dobies as the 3rd breed. I was raised with Dobermans and they can be very sweet teddy bears.
  • There is probably some old study out there that says those three dog breeds are the most dangerous. After all, a lot of apartments/condos/etc. ban those same breeds as well. I'm sure the lawmakers who put the rules in place just want to keep kids safe. If the rule is indeed outdated and you can prove that those dog breeds are not inherently more dangerous or violent than others, you can always appeal to your senators and representatives (I'm not sure if you would need to go state level or federal) and see what can be done about getting this changed.
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