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Rediculous libido 10d pD&C. Seriously...WTH?

I looked back and didn't see anything on this, so please feel free to call me out if it's a repeat. 
Has anyone experienced an insane elevated libido after their D&C? I feel like I generally have a fairly average drive, nothing I'd brag about compared to any of the other women I know. But, Holy. Smokes. Seriously ladies, I have no idea what my deal is! Is this part of the messed up after-effect of my hormones trying to figure out what's going on, or what? My DH has been looking at me like I've lost my mind. I know that there can be an emotional factor that playing into this as wanting to get PG again quickly, but it certainly doesn't FEEL like that's playing a part. Thoughts?

Re: Rediculous libido 10d pD&C. Seriously...WTH?

  • YES!  All the yes!  My first MC was a D&E and the doctor on the day of the surgery (not even 24 hours after they discovered it was a MC and possible molar PG) the Doc is all like 'Nothing in vagina for 2 weeks until we clear you. No sex." And I'm all like, "Lady... this is the most depressing thing that's ever happened in my life. Not only am I losing my baby, but found out it may not have even been a baby but could've been a potentially cancerous mass... and I'm having surgery. Sexy, fun times are not remotely even in my head right now."  And yet... like a week after D&E that's ALL I WANTED.  No idea what the heck was up with that?!?!  Thought it was just me. Maybe it's hormonal?
  • I got the "all clear" from my OB and was told as long as I listen to my body I'm good to go. But with that being said, I honest to god cannot keep my hands off my DH. He thinks I've lost it going from gut wrenching sadness to the equivalent of a frisky teenager. It's not only completely unexpected, but I feel like it's wrong for me to even be interested yet. The only thing I can attribute the sudden burst of interest has to be screwed up hormones, but wasn't sure if I was some bizarre anomaly or something.
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  • I had a natural m/c in July and since then my sex drive has been really high. I don't understand it and figured it was hormones. DH sure has enjoyed it though.
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  • I was the same way. I think it's hormones and the fact that we want to be pregnant again asap! 
  • Yes! I was 10 days post D&C yesterday and am feeling the same way. I'm not even cleared for sex yet.
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