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Question About C-Section

i went in for my 36 week appt today and baby is still breech so we scheduled my c-section date for 9/1. At each appt we will check to see if what position she is in. I won't be trying to flip her, if she wants to that's on her. I just had a question, I can call my office tomorrow but I was thinking about it. 9/1 is 39w 2d for me. 

My question is for example she were to flip let's say at my 37 or 38 week appt would they still keep that date and induce me or just cancel and let me go naturally? Or keep it in case she flipped then flipped back to breech?

Just thinking about it and seeing if anybody had an idea. Thanks. 
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Re: Question About C-Section

  • You can always cancel a scheduled section. I had one with my DS because his father was out of state for work and we wanted to make sure he would be there for the birth so, my first instinct was to schedule a c but, later I had a change of heart. 

    If if you are scheduling a c/s because baby is breech and he flips it is 100% your right to try for a natural delivery. Whether or not they want to actually induce you or not is something you would have to discuss with your doctor. 


  • I do want to add though I have read several posts elsewhere in my googling (my baby is transverse so I've been doing my hw on similar situations) that it's not super uncommon for doctors to induce soon after a baby flips head down to give mom the best shot at a vaginal delivery. But, you know there's the exception and the rule and all doctors seem to have their own ideas of what's best in these situations. 


  • Got it. Thanks for the response. @OmSweetOm
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  • @satuttle1014  my baby was breech until yesterday's appointment. It has been flipping a lot so I'm not confident that baby will stay in that position. My OB told me that if it keeps flipping then they would attempt an ECV at 36 weeks, then if it still kept flipping they would attempt one again closer to my due date and induce right away to increase my chances of vaginal delivery. My OB will attempt a breech delivery, but it depends if he is on call, so that's something to consider as well insofar as induction goes (it really depends on your comfort level, your OB, your hospital- I'm in Canada and my OB is really experienced). My nephew was flipping right until the end and finally got into position at almost 40 weeks so there's hope! Good luck!
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    @satuttle1014 I had a similar experience with DS.  He was breech at 36 week appointment and they were scheduling a section.  I asked this exact question and my OB advised if i came in on section day and baby was head down that she would be sending me home.  I wanted a section so i was praying he stayed breech.  Luckily for me my water broke 4 days later and he was still breech when we got to L&D so I had a section. However my OB ordered an ultrasound before she got there bc if baby was head down I would have been doing things naturally. I guess the point of my story is, for my doctor its all babys choice, if he flipped he was coming out the natural way  if he didnt he was a section, and thay was right up to the last minute. 

    EDIT: please take no offense to mg comment on the "natural way."  I support any and all ways to have a baby.
  • I feel like your doc should be able to answer this much better than anyone else on the board. Nothing wrong with asking about the "what ifs".
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