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HDBD 8/9

I feel like our HDBD threads have turned into bi-weekly updates. But, personally, I still love seeing all the faces of these kiddos.

Back to the zoo! This girl LOVES animals. 

And seriously, when did she get so big and independent?!

And this is because it was that ONE and only moment in time where my toddlers were caught on camera getting along and being cute... How we're going to make it through this stage, I don't know... My goodness. 


Re: HDBD 8/9

  • I'm doing my best to savor every moment as Birdie grows, but she's so fast these days, I can hardly keep up! Miss Sassypants is in charge of everyone. "No" is her favorite word, and she sure has a will of her own! I love that she's started to recognizably sing songs, and I'm always surprised when she starts a new one. The first picture is our first foray into watercolors. The paci is necessary so the brush doesn't go in the mouth. Unfortunately, that means it went into the nose.

    This is her response to, "You only need one" when discussing her pacifiers.

    These last two are from our county fair. I asked her to say cheese, and totally in character, she responded, "No." The second is her first corn dog. (She's had minis, just not the big one.) She ate more of it than I expected!
  • I still love these pictures too. Everyone is so cute. Here's my little silly girl and me on vacation. She loves putting things on her head and saying "hat':

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  • Harper's first trip to the beach this year and she's still not a fan. She refused to walk or sit in the sand and wouldn't go in the water. 

  • Everyone's babies are so beautiful! 
    I am having so much fun with Evelyn. We went on our first plane trip, and she did amazing - slept the whole time. We also went to an aquarium, which she loved more than anything else we've ever done. It was one big WOW after another. 

  • We had a good time celebrating Rosie's half birthday on the 8th (the dress up pic in the park) but she got a nasty stomach bug and had been slowly recovering (pic in her shark pajamas with cheerios on the couch.) only upside of sickness is extra snuggles, which im enjoying. ❤️  

    Love seeing pics of our Jan 16 littles, weekly, bi-weekly or whenever!

  • Very slowly introducing her to the potty. She actually peed in it!! Our wild child only wanted to do the swing this way not the baby swing. Such a dare devil. 

  • Above: on a walk this morning. Below: after his shower that was prompted by pooping in (or more like on, but whatever!) the potty!

  • We just got back from vacation and Luke had his first plane ride also- he did really good all things considered. On the flight there, we had to turn back to the airport about 15 minutes into the flight because a battery was overheating- I was a bit freaked out but luckily LO held up ok and we made it safely! I think he started cutting his second molars on this trip because he was SOOO cranky, but we managed to have a good time still
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