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Teacher Moms - Advice Needed

Hi teacher moms!!

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am having the worst morning sickness. During my first pregnancy, I felt nauseous and vomitted quite a bit, but I was always able to get through the day.

Now, it's just Day 2 of pre-planning and I had to leave early to lay down. I have constant (not just waves) of nausea, and extreme exhaustion (I can't stand for more than 20 minutes before needing to lay down). On top of that, I have constant headaches. 

I'm drinking water throughout the day, snacking as much as possible and I've tried using preggie-pops and ginger tea and gum. At night my mom has been coming over to help take care of my daughter. I feel like I'm failing at work and home.

My doctor's office keeps telling me that this is normal, but I don't know how I'll make it through a day with students if I can't even make it through a planning day. 

Anything special you found that keeps your energy up in order to keep up with our demanding job? How do you think I should handle this constant need to lay down?

Re: Teacher Moms - Advice Needed

  • nackienackie member
    edited August 2017
    If the morning sickness is bad enough, the doctor can give you an Rx to help.  I think it's call diclegis or something.  I would think not being able to make it through a work day would qualify.  
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