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GTKY 8/7 - Worst Date

Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on! 

Re: GTKY 8/7 - Worst Date

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  • DH and I have been together since we were teenagers, so I never went on a lot of dates. We did break up the Summer of 2000 (I was 18), and I went on a date with a co-worker at the time. The date felt so formal, almost like I was being interviewed for a job position, not a casual date. He talked about his ex-GF, and made comparisons between us. Needless to say there was not a 2nd date. 
  • Haha all of these are great.

    I had just broken up with a boyfriend, and his friend and I had become friends over the course of my ex and my relationship. We decided to go to lunch just to hang out, but I guess he thought it was "more" so he leaned in for a kiss in the parking lot. I was totally caught off-guard so I laughed and asked what he was doing. I immediately felt horrible, but couldn't let him think I was interested in that way - I really thought the understanding was that we were just friends.

    Because I felt so badly, I set him up with a good friend of mine. We ended up going out as a group with other friends and that's how I met DH! The world is a crazy place.
  • I did a lot of "weeding my garden" before I met DH (I was 26 by then). Luckily, I didn't have a lot of bad dates. Most times if we didn't click, I just became friends with the guy   

    My worst date was in college when I was a sophomore. I was taking a Physics course and there was an online chat group on AIM that we used to discuss assignments. I'm not even sure how it all happened now but I got to talking separately to this guy. I remember we chatted a good bit and then decided to go out. He wanted to meet prior in the hallway between our lectures first. I got there early and waited. I saw him and immediately wasn't attracted to him. We talked very briefly that day. I felt bad and figured I should give him a chance anyway. So, we went out once. I remember he picked me up, he was wearing navy khaki-like pants, a polo shirt that was maroon and white striped, a brown belt, and black shoes. I hate when the shoes and belt don't match, plus navy pants along with it all, just no! We went to a movie and gosh did he smell of overwhelming soap. Like super strong Irish Spring. I breathed through my mouth the entire movie. I stupidly said we could go chat at his apartment and he tried to make a move on me. I rejected him and asked him to take me home. He tried to get me to go out with him a lot after that but I kept saying no. 

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  • My husband and I broke up for a little while during my senior year of high school (I was 18) and I went out in a date with a guy in my group of friends. He worked in the mall so I met up with him there to hang out and eat shitty Mexican food. We wound up spending way too much time at his place of work which was this gross, hippie-ish shitty store that sold hookahs and hermit crabs. It smelled so bad. I also found out he was "hanging out" (and having sex) with a 15 year old kid. He was around 23-25, I think. Gross. I stopped talking to him and got back with my now husband. Last I heard, he was married (after cheating on her before the wedding) working at GameStop and had dreams of opening his own dojo. Yuck.
  • My DH and I have been together for 13 years, which means we started to date when we were 14 and 16, so this story really isnt about a bad date.  I was a sophomore in high school and DH was in 8th grade.  We met through church, and our church family all knew that we were together, however, I was terrified to tell my friends at school.  Becuase I wouldn't tell them, I ended up in an awkward situation.  My friends kept telling me that I was 16, and needed to date, so they kept trying to set me up with this guy (Phil).  Phil had dated one of my best friends the year before, but for some reason they were convinced we were "perfect" for each other.  It ended up being easier on my part to go along with it, so my friends "set me up" with Phil.  Turned out that Phil had a crush on my other friend, and so we decided that we would pretend to date for a week or two, and then "break-up".  It worked, and because I went along with it, my friends backed off.  When DH came to high school the next year, I told my friends about the whole story, and they were less than impressed (because he was so much younger than me, HA), but then they realized how mature my DH was, and eventually no one even realized that he was not our age.  My friends and I went to our reunion last fall, and had a good laugh about the whole thing.  
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  • I used to never to go to movies with DH because I always got broken up with the day after. Probably because when I went to a movie, I always wanted to actually watch the movie. The first date DH and I went on in high school after weeks of hanging out was to a movie and he seriously broke up with me the next day. After a month of awkward encounters at school we gave dating another go but it took 2 years for him to convince we'd be okay after going to movies so we just didn't. On the plus side, at least we had interesting dates when we got back together because he couldn't default to movies 
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