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  • @caity024 that's a really good number. I get weekly NSTs for decrease due movement and because LOs heart rate dropped to 110 on the doppler. Her heart rate goes between 105-200 all in one NST and they still aren't concerned. There's a lot of things they look at (what ive learned from going the past 10 weeks) 

     I am sorry the nurse didn't discuss any of it with you. I know I had a sub a few weeks ago and I had to ask questions and share information. Did you ask at all? Did she mention showing it to the doctor? (I'm not saying you had to ask, but it's even worse if you asked and she didn't but share.) Did she know it was your first NST?

    If you have another, just know they won't let you leave if something is wrong. If something is wrong they will send you to the hospital. Hope your next one is better mama! 
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    @caity024 glad to hear all is well!

    I had my 38 week appointment (38+4 today). My OB was like "I feel a lot of bellies and this is seriously the most active kid I think I've had" which made me feel a little more sane for how much the kicks and jabs take my breath away and/or hurt sometimes. I had my first cervical check and I'm 1cm dilated and soft but still high which seemed like she thought it was good for a FTM at this point but I'm not about to go into labor any second or anything. It was a little uncomfortable right at the end but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Baby is also back to back with me (OP) so she recommended cat-cow and watching TV while leaning forward to try to get the baby to spin.

    ETA: we talked about sweeping my membranes next week if I've had more progress (I'll be 39+4 and she thinks the baby will be 8lbs if I go to my due date).

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  • I had my 38week today at 37+5. I have been pretty crampy and had a few consistent contractions but nothing crazy. I was 3cm and 50%. I told him I would really like to make it to next weekend and he just gave me a look, knowing how quickly I labor. So we shall see. Also, I am switching hospitals because the one I delivered my last two at has been massively overcrowded because their postpartum wing is closed. I'd rather not be booted out early or room sharing because they are so crowded. The other hospital is lovely I have toured it before but still a little sad all three of my kids won't be delivered at the same place. 
  • Just had my 39w appointment, I'm 39+2, immediately the nurse says "we scheduled your induction for 7am on 8/23 sine we're not here next week" and I almost burst into tears. Not only did they schedule an induction date but my doctor who I love is going on vacation the week he's due! I'm so anxious right now and I just want him to come this weekend so I can have her ☹️ 

    No change since 36 weeks either! Still only 1cm and not very effaced. I might cry over this tonight while I walk miles and miles trying to get him out
  • Ugh @Knottie96400174 Im sorry about your OBs timing. That is unfortunate. My practice merged with another on august 1st and two OBs of my original group left. I have a 3/8 chance of having someone I know deliver my baby. One of those docs I've seen once. :( I feel for you. 

    I had my 37 week appointment today (37+6). I'm 50% effaced but not dilated. I tested positive for GBS which is actually a relief because I work in healthcare and treat patients with GBS infections weekly. I was worried that I could test negative and then end up contracting it in the final few weeks of work. 

    Does anyone know how many bags of antibiotics are needed before delivery? My OB was in a rush and I did not think to ask. 
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  • @BlackNYellow  I was also GBS positive, and I was told that I needed to receive 2 doses of antibiotics before delivery.  I think that the doses were about 4 hours apart.  I ended up receiving 3 doses because my labor ended up being longer than expected.
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  • Had my 37 week appointment today and I am 5 cm and 80 percent effaced. How in the world am I not in labor yet seriously. They said she didn't think I would make it the weekend but we shall see. I know it can be awhile. Good news though I am already half way there!!! Jeez. Crazy how everyone is so different. So here's to one more week of work! 
  • @jadkins2 That is so crazy! My mom labored for 20 hours at 42 weeks with my brother (her first) and never got past 5 cm. She was induced from 0cm, though, so her body just wasn't having it.

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  • Well apparently my body knows what do to but won't give me any consistent contractions... Just baffled and nervous about having a baby at home!!! Aghhh. 
  • @BlackNYellow thanks, it stinks doesn't it? I picked up some reaspberry leaf tea and "labor cookie" ingredients on my way home. I've eaten the recommended 5 cookies (they're like spicy gingerbread cookies, they include cayenne pepper), idk how much tea I need to drink!! I think my OB may have done a sweep today without mentioning it because she was reeeeeally poking around my cervix today and asked if I feel hiccups down low when he gets them. Then she said she felt some hair so that's cool, maybe he'll have a bunch like I did at birth! Thinking of calling my mom to take a walk tonight, DD is a lazy butt and rarely joins me and DH is working on the basement (that he tore apart recently!!). 
  • My 39 week appointment was today and ended up doing an NST because I've felt a decrease in movement this last week. The doc thought it would only take 20 minutes and it ended up taking an hour to get the results they wanted. They moved me to multiple positions just to get her moving and decided she just likes sleeping but that I need to still be getting consistent kicks. Talk about stressful when the nurse kept coming in saying let's try something else. Luckily things are fine
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    I had my 37 week appt today (37+1)
    Baby passed BPP, but then my blood pressure was high (142/100) so I had to go go L&D for monitoring. Blood and urine results were fine and blood pressure eventually came down, but doctor says my maternity starts now and next week we'll talk about induction. 
    Trying to wrap my head around baby being here 2 weeks early, and already being done with work. 

    ETA: I'm not dilated at all yet, so I'm scared the induction is going to be long and difficult, if my body's not ready. I was hoping to go med free, but I doubt that'll happen now. 
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