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Is it possible to damage your baby's hearing while still in the womb?

I went to a work party and they were playing the music extremely loud. I was sitting near the speaker playing the music and the whole time my baby was moving. My co workers said it's impossible but I know my baby could hear if bc he was moving so much. 


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    Baby is fine.  I've heard that the soundwaves from an ultrasound is louder for a baby than any other external source.
  • Thank you
  • I know this is late, but depending on how far along you were, baby might have been reacting to the vibrations from the speaker. Remember, your body is made of water so vibrations from sound waves on the air will pass through you and baby may feel them. I was at a concert with my first, and she reacted to the sounds of the concert too, but she was around 25 weeks when her sense of hearing was starting to develop. If yours is about that far along, or was at the time this happened, it is possible your baby heard some of it. But I wouldn't worry. Music is actually good for babies to hear as their sense of hearing develops. Certain songs played in utero over and over and then again after birth may actually become calming to them.
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  • Sorry for the late response! But I hope he was just reacting to the vibrations. I have been paranoid about it ever since and I'm due next week. So hopefully my prayers were heard. Thank you for the reassurance ☺
  • @Payrido I read a study that said constant noise like a loud work environment could be linked to hearing loss in babies but not once in a while. Also sorry for the late response I just saw the thread.
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