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  • @peachy13 you should try Korean Baby Foot. Buy it on Amazon. Omg it's the best thing ever. It sloughs off all of your foot skin and reveals beautiful soft baby feet. But you get to do lots of peeling.  I love it. You should probably wait until after you have the baby though. It seems like it would be pretty toxic lol. 
  • @breezybee hahah sounds amazing, thank you!
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  • @brittyclem Happy anniversary! I hope you guys find a way to celebrate that fits you both. :) 
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  • @kyrwyn thank you! He's been a good sport about my ever changing energy levels and mood swings. I'm sure I'll find a way to make it up to him.
  • @kyrwyn my coworkers who work from home on Fridays are so. full. of. shit. It's weird how I'll email someone first thing in the morning and won't get a response until like, 3:30pm. Hmm.
    Me: 33 DH: 34
    Married: Oct 2015
    TTC #1: Sept 2016
    BFP: 10/19/16 ~ blighted ovum ~ D&C 11/23/16
    BFP: 3/24/17   <3  DD1 born 12/2/17
    TTC #2: July 2018
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  • I fucking HATE my dog these days. He is a 9 year old chocolate lab and he is DRIVING ME INSANE. And the reality is, he's not doing anything particularly ridiculous, but he's just ALWAYS THERE and staring at me and in my face and whining and I have to remind myself that when I'm not coursing with pregnancy hormones I kind of actually like him because otherwise I would probably have murdered him by now. It's gotten to the point where my 18mo yells "GO!" at him all the time because that's what I am always doing. 
    My poor dog.
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  •      Poor dog maybe you just need a break from him can anyone dog sit him for the weekend? I would take him if I could . I love animals and it makes me sad that his attention is annoying you but I do get it sometimes I need my cats to take a hike and not climb all over me. Just remember I guess that they are social creatures and he doesn't understand why you aren't as crazy about him right now as he is about you .

    i feel more bad for you bc it seems like you are feeling hormonal. That feeling sucks!

    for me I've just about had it with dealing with telephone customer service that don't understand what I'm saying. I'm not trying to discrimate to over seas call centers because sometimes it can be hard dealing with the us based representatives too. But I just wish people could understand the limits of their English skills and give up when it's the 5th time I explained the situation and you still don't get me. Even worse and annoying is the person kept saying your order can be delivered until 5pm on Friday august 4. I'm like it's 630. She's like ok well we will return or replace then if not delivered by Friday august 4... and I'm exasperated 
  • Omg y'all I'm so pregnant and ragey I can't deal with any more customer service representatives today or I might lose it ahh 
  • @jackiesmom324 Ya i mean... hormones + clingy dog (he's EXTRA clingy when I'm preggo, was the same with DS), + toddler being a toddler and being with them all day while DH is at work is a bit much. And the toddler just wants to climb on the dog and the dog gets irritated with the toddler, yet wants to be IN OUR SPACE ALWAYS... it's a lot. I'm basically playing referee between the two all day because neither of them understand why they are annoying each others! Luckily I work all weekend so I will have some time away from them to recharge... well as much as I can while working lol. 
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  • We are looking at rehoming our dogs before this baby comes.  I know, bring on the judgement, but it's just not working for us or them since we moved and will only get worse with another kid.

    I am obsesses with the Magic Feet stuff!  There is something so magical about peeling off your entire foot.  I'm going to do it again tonight actually now that I remembered I had another pack.

    Another weird confession since vegan was mentioned...  One of my daughter's little daycare friends has a mom that I love but is hardcore vegan and works for an animal rights non-profit.  For DD's birthday, she was out of town and Dad + kid came without her, and totally scarfed down hot dogs and chicken, and whatever else we had.  I'm pretty sure she thinks they are vegan too and it makes me laugh.
  • "Mom I love going to @tamaraaaa 's house she has the best vegan hot dogs"
  • @moonlady-2 I think we had the same day, but H was with me at Target and proceeded to curse under his breath as I rung up my basket  :D
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    One of my dogs passed away last Sunday. While I am sad that he died, I can't help but feel relieved. He was a handful and stressed me out a lot. He was super old, so it's not like it was a huge surprise. We have far too many animals, so adding a baby to the mix should be fun! 
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  • @kvacmak I hear you! As soon as DD was born, our cat and dog went from being our babies to pets. Now we have a puppy (she's about 1) and sometimes I just want to murder her. She is the sweetest thing, but sometimes I am doing all I can just to chase DD and grow this LO. I don't need another baby running around! The baby gates come in very handy to corral her so DD and I can have some space. 

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  • @peachy13  I know what you mean.  I telecommute myself, but find I spend half my time waiting for colleagues to return emails or calls.  Some are worse than others.  Yet on the rare occasion (especially back on those bad MS days first trimester) when I am not keeping my regular schedule well, I get completely riddled with anxiety all day that someone is going to "bust" me for working funky hours.  I'd wake up in a panic from a nap that I'd missed an urgent message or call! Yet in reality I know my coworkers could care less and often keep weird non-sanctioned hours for much lamer reasons. LOL
  • @breezybee  YESSSS I am so ridiculously obsessed with that show and the whole cast. I even watched all the seasons of Snooki and JWoww about a month or two ago! I CANT WAIT for all the reunion shows!!! 

    P.S. I have been working on getting more actively involved here lately, and trying to be a productive member....I for some reason can't find or figure out what FFFC means though???? 

  • We are bribing my child $3.99 a night to sleep in her own bed with stupid mash-ems.  I think we are getting played.
  • @elcd458 @peachy13 I telecommute too and it's been a God send during pregnancy. I spread my work throughout the day, but I'm always there if they need me. I feel so lucky! 
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    I don't have dogs, but two cats that irritate me. @ktcakes87 sorry to hear of your dog passing but I completely understand the relief. I have an old cat who is 16 that I've had since she was two. Ever since I've had her, she's peed on every blanket, rug, basically anything soft or left on the floor. And if anyone knows about cat pee, it's the worst!  I've spent so much money buying new sheets and blankets over the years. I am looking forward to the day when I'm cat free.
  • omg @sjis there is literally nothing worse on the planet than cat pee 
  • @clovelyone. Ditto.  DH flat out told me the other day he thinks I would've been fired from my old job by now, due to what a wiener I have been about the fatigue, headaches, and sickness.  I can't say I disagree.  Spent several days in bed doing nothing more than giving occasional feeble glances at my phone and laptop laying next to me.  So, like you said, I was always available if/when they needed me, but I sure wasn't going the extra mile those days! 
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