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Back to breast?

My baby is 7 weeks and hasn't been on the breast since a week old. I'm pumping but only get an ounce most times. Is it too late to try and get baby back on breast to increase my supply?

she takes two different nipples/bottles and doesn't seem to have a problem between the two. I also used a nipple shield when she was on the breast. 

Re: Back to breast?

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    I'd suggest talking to a lactation consultant, but I think it's totally possible, especially if you're still pumping something. The big challenge will probably be getting her to latch properly. Your local La Leche League would be another good resource.

    Good luck!
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  • It's definitely still possible if you're still producing!

    I agree you should find a board certified lactation consultant. Your local WIC program may have one you could speak to or any local hospitals with a neonatal unit may keep lactation consultants on hand that you could set up an appointment with. This website can also help you in your search:
  • Omg I have the same exact problem with my 14 week old too so I only pump but I'm not getting a lot and my milk is decreasing sadly 
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