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  • @lewliv  I hate thank you notes too.  I hate giving them and receiving them always makes me feel awkward because I feel like people are obligated to do it.  But I still do it for my side of the family, DH's family does not do them so most of the time I don't send any to them.

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  • I haaaaate thank you notes! My in laws are in love with them. Seriously. I'm surprised I don't get them after we call them thanking us for speaking to them... 

    If it's obligatory, how can it be sincere?? I always tell my friends to shoot me a text if they feel the need but please don't waste time/postage/energy/paper sending me one. I know they appreciate me. That's enough. 
  • @aehogan90 sometimes even once their parents. Like, oh you have a newborn, so please tell me how to handle my toddler. 

    @PinkPrincessPiper we did a big one for DSs first. His 2nd was small. We'll do the same for this one. I figure I'm just biding my time till they go to school and want to invite friends. Jesus take the wheel. 
  • @PinkPrincessPiper mmmmMmmmmm steak n shakeeeeeee
  • @SouthernMama15 totally agree. Everybody is an expert apparently.
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  • @PinkPrincessPiper mmmmMmmmmm steak n shakeeeeeee
    Sometimes the kids chose the best places!  :DB)

    @SouthernMama15 I don't do parties where I invite the whole class. So much NOPE. If the boys have a friend or two they want to tag along to dinner & have cake with us, that's cool.
  • @PinkPrincessPiper my sister and I were allowed one friend to spend the night, then a handful would come over for lunch and cake. Never the whole class. I can predict DHs family insisting on massive parties. Nope, not happening 
  • @PinkPrincessPiper I am so jealous of your steak n shake dinner!  My family and I discovered it when we went to florida the first time (in like 97), and every time we would go there, we had to make a stop.  There arent any remotely close to us, so I havent had it in years!!!!

    @aehogan90 I agree that giving parenting advice as a FTM (who hasnt had her kid yet) is weird. I do know that I have chimed in on questions that other FTMs have asked becuase either, I already asked them and got the answer, or it was something that I had already been through in the pregnancy. 
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  • @cmmiller531 @PinkPrincessPiper mmmmmmmm shaaaake. I love Steak 'n Shake but I'm gonna have to find a closer shake, stat. The nearest one is 30 min away and now I'm craving a yummy ice cold milkshake. 

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  • @lewliv I hate writing thank you notes! I'm waiting for Landon to come so I can combine the birth announcement and thank you note! I might even make my sister write my thank you notes when she visits in 2 weeks because I'm lazy and she deserves to do some dirty work with all the shit she's given me!
    @PinkPrincessPiper I LOVE Steak n Shake! Your kid has incredible taste! 

    My UO is that I think people should ask if they are allowed to wear their shoes in someone else's house before they keep them on and walk everywhere! I just spent 2 hours the other day mopping my floors for my dad to walk around my apartment with his shoes on! I looked at him and said "my house, my rules; shoes off!"
  • @PinkPrincessPiper
    I never understood the whole concept of inviting the entire class to a birthday party.  Kids should get to invite who they want to invite and not feel obligated (within reason--if it's only one kid that doesn't make the cut, I'd make an exception and invite that one kid).  It's along the same lines as "not everyone is a winner!"  Is it wrong that I'm excited that, with an August birthday, kids aren't in school, so I won't ever feel guilty about not inviting his/her entire class.  

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  • @tova24 that's so interesting to me. I would never think to ask if I should take my shoes off when I go to someone's house, but wouldn't have a problem if someone asked me to take them off.
  • @[email protected] @caity024 @tova24

    SteakNShake is my dad's favorite. I think we go there to celebrate his bday and Father's Day every year!  Now that you all mentioned it... I need to go! It's on The other side of town, but at least it has a drive thru? 
  • I've never heard of Steak N Shake (have lived in the Northeast, NYC, and California) but now I'm super curious.

    My UO: I don't really go to fast food places . Aside from In N Out which is all local ingredients (although I know still not super healthy), I think the last time I had fast food was when DH and I drove cross country 6+ years ago and McDonalds was the only thing in a 100 mi radius. Unless you count Dunkin' Donuts, which I do not :)

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  • @tova24 I have to totally agree with you on the shoes issue! Especially after mopping, vacuuming, etc. I'm also filipino-american so I grew up with the asian culture of we always take off our shoes before entering the home and if we visit someone's home we ask before we leave dirt stains on their carpet!  Shoot, I even wipe my dog's paws with baby wipes after he goes out for bathroom time in the backyard. It's weird but that's how we grew up, even my 2 yo son follows along too haha.
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  • I agree with the shoes comments! Sometimes people get the idea when they see the rack of shoes at my foyer entrance and a bench to take them on/off. But if not, I just politely ask they take them off (unless I know my floors are dirty then I feel bad). But I dislike mark ups on my nice hard wood floors. I didn't install the wood, but the heels of some shoes leave dents in the wood, so hard soles can do some damage.

    I think my UO on the Bump, and in general in life, is that people are too quick to judge others. Post and read, don't post and just read, post as often or as little as you want, ask something that seems obvious to someone else but maybe it isn't to you, share a lot about yourself or only a little- it's whatever you want to make of it. It's a community to find information and if that's all you do, then ok. You never know what the person on the other end is experiencing or what their living situation, access to internet is, disabilities they may have, or if they're just introverted. :)
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