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Potty training

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Now that our LOs are no longer babies. Anyone starting the potty training process?

This week I've been letting DS go diaperless in the evenings when I'm home about 3 hours. I keep an old Tupperware bowl around to try to catch it and just say "pee pee" when he pees (no poops yet). Right now I more want him aware of his going potty. 

I decided to start art because he will come to me when he has a poop diaper and he also is interested in the toilet (flushing it, opening and closing the lid, watching me and DH go potty...)

not rushing it at all, but want a slow easy tantrum free experience. 

Re: Potty training

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    In my family they have always started potty training around 1 year to 1.5 years old. I just can't imagine J being anywhere close to learning to be honest. 

    I was asking some of the moms in our group with older children and most of them did not potty train their children until after 2. One of them sent me the article below and some of it made sense to me. So I'm not in any rush to do it. I think I'll let her take the lead like I have with everything else. Even though it sounds amazing to be out of diapers before then. 

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  • That article makes a lot of sense! Elise is at home with me so I will probably just do elimination communication like I'm doing a bit now until she is really ready. I'm not sure if I like the idea of cloth diapering two children though...
  • Oh, I'm not truly potty training potty training. Just starting with the interest/some EC. He's still in daycare and the class he's moving to will start to bring them to potty. Just thought the slow road might be more tantrum free. And I, honestly, can't imagine still changing diapers in 2-3 years (a neighbor's kid wasn't potty trained until he was turning 4)
  • I was hoping to successfully use Elimination Communication. But, it doesn't work for us so I just let DS pee wherever on the wood floor during bare bum time. 
  • Yes, we started when the baby turned 11 months. Its going well but it definitely requires repetition. As long as you stick to the routine the baby adjusts.  
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