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3 Year Old Update

How is your 3 year old old doing?  Does he/she have siblings?  How are things going?

Re: 3 Year Old Update

  • smushi said:
    How is your 3 year old old doing?  Does he/she have siblings?  How are things going?
    Hiiii! Edolie is doing good. She is a turd 60% of the time, but I think that's common. Her first day of preschool is Friday! She's high 60s in percentile for both height and weight as always. Still rearfacing but almost maxed out height limits! I'm excited to see her reaction when she gets to turn around. Still breastfeeding once before bed, but we will be done by before the end of next month because I'm D O N E. We went to Disney in July and had a blast!! She stills talks about it and asks to go back. Can't wait to go again in a few years. We are mostly likely one and done so no siblings for her!

    What about you?

    Sorry if that was a jumbled mess of random things!
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  • That's amazing @Edoliesmom!  

    DS is doing great.  He's in the 90th percentile in height/weight, etc.  He's finished with speech therapy (he was behind by about 9 months).  He's a big bouncing boy that loves fishing, driving his tractor, and playing with his little brother who is 19 months old.  He used to be my great sleeper but now he wakes up about once a night and gets in bed with me or us.  He's still the biggest ham ever though.  We adore him, except that he says NO to EVERYTHING.
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