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Does anyone know of (non-elective) places that will do anatomy scan prior to 20 weeks?

Hi all! I'm curious if any of you local mamas know of facilities that will do the anatomy scan before 20 weeks? I'm in Royersford but traveling a bit is fine if I have to, so the Main Line area or towards Pottstown/Reading, etc. aren't an issue.

My OB has asked me to get it around 17-18 weeks, as I have a history of subchorionic hematoma. It was not monitored by my previous OB's office. Due to repeated bleeding episodes, she wants to make sure she has the results before I see her again so we can check it but didn't want to give me 2 US for no reason in such a short period of time. She was bothered by it not being monitored, and she'd rather I have it sooner :neutral: I've tried the MLH Perinatal Testing Centers and Einstein Montgomery, and they've both said no, has to be at 20 weeks or later, even when I explained the situation.

If nothing else, I can try calling and seeing what she says about doing it at 20 weeks or later, but I figured I would ask here first. I've seen a lot of women say they had non-elective anatomy scans around 17-18 weeks, but not sure where they've gone. Thanks!

Re: Does anyone know of (non-elective) places that will do anatomy scan prior to 20 weeks?

  • bugtrotbugtrot member
    You could give the Oaks perinatal testing center a try. They're the same doctors as MLH perinatal in Paoli and all those, but it's a smaller office.
    (484) 831-0200
    There's also a location in West Chester - (610) 829-9700 - if that's closer for you.
    Good luck! I hope everything turns out alright.
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