Lily Pads caused my mastitis! Please do not use!

Hello, I feel very compassionate about sharing my story. I would hate for anyone else to go through what I did. I received the lily pads at my baby shower and thought that I would love them and it was a great invention. I used them immediately up until 4 months postpartum. During those months my breast would become soo engorged painful, I had a fever and mastitis 3-4 times, clogged ducts..... This was my first baby so I figured this was a normal experience. After having a fever and mastitis the last time I knew that something was wrong. I breastfed at home exclusively, pumped and took all the steps to prevent mastitis and I knew that this was not normal. I had a thought that maybe the lily pads where causing this from bacteria but turned down that thought because I would always clean them after each nursing session. Finally when I was at the emergency room in so much pain they had mentioned the lily pads again. It made sense that with a DECREASE IN OXYGEN to that area that it would cause problems. I immediately stopped using these and have never had any more problems or pain since! After my awful experience I am happy to say that I stuck with it and am still breastfeeding my son at 1 year. Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience that I would hate for anyone to go though or have to stop breastfeeding because of these Lily pads. Thanks for listening to my story, I hope it helps momma's. 

Re: Lily Pads caused my mastitis! Please do not use!

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    Just wanted to add some people have nipples that are more sensitive and the reusable may simulate production and lead to engorgement. 
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