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Stupid SIL

My SIL told my husband's parents that I'm pregnant...she made what is IMO a huge assumption based of a Pinterest notification that I still cannot figure out how the heck she got (she doesn't follow me I checked when this all came out yesterday). She somehow got notified of 3 pins about babies and told everyone I'm pregnant without even calling or checking with us. I'm pissed, my husband is pissed. Like how is it not common sense that if the pregnant couple haven't told you yet it's obviously not public knowledge and you probably shouldn't talk about it or you should atleast call them and ask.

So yesterday my husband's dad texts and asks if my husband is going to be a father....obv we confirmed it and now he's pissed we didn't tell him! How about we weren't ready to tell yet! How about it was a secret! How about SIL way overstepped anything that she should have done by telling him! But nope again I'm the bad person because we should have told the second we got a positive test :eyeroll 

SIL claims she did it because she assumed it was public knowledge and that we just didn't tell them because we had a fight at Christmas and since we "blocked" them on social media (BS no we didn't) she just assumed we would never tell them.  

I'm so over this family they are all drama and major invasions of privacy and NOTHING is ever their fault. This all honestly could have blown over if SIL had just admitted she made a mistake and apologized but instead she tried to blame us. I give up. I honestly want nothing to do with them all they do in our lives is create drama and fights.
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Re: Stupid SIL

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    This really sucks. She had no right to do that. Hopefully she comes to her senses and gives you a real apology. Unfortunately, what has been done cannot be undone. Maybe you can figure out an exciting way to reveal the sex to them. (I know it's not the same, just trying to think of a way to help you feel better.)
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    No advice here. Just chiming in that I also think your SIL sucks. Maybe you can return the favor for her some day...even if she isn't pregnant, but I'm a little passive aggressive. 
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    She sucks.  No doubt.  I'd like to say you should rise above it and be a better person than her, but really, I agree with @meatball37...
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    What a troll
    i would have denied it until you had a 6 week old lol
    but I'm the queen of holding grudges 
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    I can see making the assumption it was public knowledge if you have been speaking AND you were pinning stuff like that on Pinterest. It is pretty easy to make a secret board and you don't have to follow someone to see thier stuff. BUT I would be pretty pissed she hadn't asked before she started spurting her mouth off. And DH's father can just eff right off

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    One solution. Throat punch. 
    This.  Maybe twice...
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    My mil did this when I was out of town all the fam was over as were helping my bil move and she cornered my husband I'm still pissed about it ...so no advice I like the throat punch idea though
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    Gah, this is the worst!!! I feel for you mama! When a girlfriend of mine was pregnant, I went into a local store where her mother-in-law works and she didn't recognise me as her d-i-l friend and started telling me she was pregnant.... I was just thinking to myself I bet she tell everyone who walks into the store, I never had the heart to tell my friend she told me, and had to act surprised when I "found out" so rude. I still can't believe people do that- that was my friends third baby, and her family have spilt the beans every time! 

    I honsetly think you should let let her know she completely violated your trust- not in an attacking way, just so she knows she has let you down- that was your special news to share when you were ready- and not a minute before! 
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    Edit bc it won't show my comment. 

    O my gosh!
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    Why would she think that's okay? Even if she saw the pins, I wouldn't assume it meant you're pregnant. I pinned baby stuff for like a year before I even started trying for DD! I would have figured you had babies on the brain and kept it to myself. I'm sorry she ruined what should have been a special moment for you guys! 
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    I would have lost it!!! Even if she knew it isn't her place to tell anyone!! That is you and your hubby's news and no one else's!! Im sorry that she stole your thunder!!
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    I would be like no, we didn't block you etc but we are going to now. It seems like it was totally malicious on her part. I would rage. 
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