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When did you announce your pregnancy and why?

With my first, we didn't tell everyone until about 16 weeks...Besides intermediate family. This time, I'm about 6-7 weeks and hubby has already told most of our intermediate family. I keep telling him to wait until my appointment at least so we can see the ultrasound and heartbeat but it's all the way at 12 weeks and it's kind of hard to keep it a secret. Just wondering what y'all did!

Re: When did you announce your pregnancy and why?

  • We told friends and family immediately. I knew friends would be suspicious when I wasn't drinking and I wanted to have told my family before friends. And we decided if something happened we would want their support in the grieving process, so we didn't bother waiting the traditional 12 weeks.

    However, you should probably get on the same page as your husband about what you both want. You will be the focus of this announcement, so if you're not ready to tell people yet you should make that known.
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  • With my DS we told our parents immediately and a couple friends but told them not say anything until we announced. I think I was 12 weeks along.


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  • When I took an HPT; because I was expecting another ectopic pregnancy and let everyone know I would likely be going in for more chemotherapy. 

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  • I've told very few people other than my mom and best friend. I had to tell my boss, and told some of my coworkers. I know the tradition is to wait, but I'm a pretty terrible secret keeper lol my SO doesn't want to tell anyone in his family yet since his sister is getting married and doesn't want to steal her thunder. 
  • This is our first baby and to be honest, I was too excited to keep quiet. I'm 7 weeks and everyone knows already! I know you're not supposed to tell until you're out of first trimester, but I really couldn't help myself. If we lose the baby to miscarriage, I'll just have to tell everyone this pregnancy wasn't meant to be. 
  • This is our first baby and to be honest, I was too excited to keep quiet. I'm 7 weeks and everyone knows already! I know you're not supposed to tell until you're out of first trimester, but I really couldn't help myself. If we lose the baby to miscarriage, I'll just have to tell everyone this pregnancy wasn't meant to be. 
    I am the same way! First pregnancy, told everyone close to me (friends and relatives) within the first week of my BFP, which was at 6.5 weeks. I also think it's fine to tell them if anything goes wrong because well, they are the people closer to me! For all the people not in that first tier, I don't really care if they ever know and don't plan on announcing it to them at all.
  • I waited until after my first ultrasound. I wanted to have something to show!
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  • I waited until after my first ultrasound. I wanted to have something to show!
    That's pretty much what I'm waiting for. I am actually going to be 9 weeks at my first apppointment and if all goes well I'd like to announce it between 10-12 weeks to the world! Lol
  • Im almost 8 weeks, all of my family knows except for my grandfather that is really old and grumpy so im trying to find an easy way to tell him and my mom that is really far from me (grumpy as well - same grandpa situation) but my boss knows, my boyfriend's family knows, my friends and most of my family knows. The symptoms kicked me hard with this pregnancy so it was pretty obvious. But yeah - i wouldve liked to wait until 3 months but lets hope and pray for the best! Also i saw the heartbeat and everything. 
  • I have a couple close friends who know, but no one else does.  Not even family.  We are waiting until our first ultrasound at round 9 weeks.  We don't want to tell our kids and then find out something is wrong.  So we'll probably wait 10ish weeks
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  • I am going to try to wait until our first appointment, which seems so far away, to tell family and our son. I have a friend who knows now, but that's it.  We will announce to others after 12/13 weeks. 

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  • A couple of my close friends know already because I couldn't keep it a secret from them. I'm not sure if DH has told any of his friends. We will NOT tell family or make an announcement until 12 weeks because they can't keep a secret. We had two past losses and I just want to be extra sure.
  • With #1, we told parents after our first ultrasound at 7weeks, and told the rest of our family and friends between 8-9 weeks. We were too excited to wait and wanted the support if anything happened, anyway.

    With this baby, we told parents right away at 4 weeks (found out we were expecting at 3.5 weeks), and I'm not sure when we will tell everyone else. I'd like to wait for my first appointment like last time, but my first appointment isn't until 10 weeks and I have a hard time waiting that long ;)
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  • We announced at 6 weeks after we had our first ultrasound, but we have been going through fertility treatments and I blog about it so most of my friends and family knew when we were finding out.
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  • With my first we told everyone immediately. With my second we did a photo announcement at about 5 weeks.
    With this one we were debating on waiting since #2 ended in mc. But I started having complications with low levels so we decided to announce right away as we would need the support in the instance we have another mc. We still did a photo announcement we will just hand out to everyone as soon as it comes in.
  •  We are waiting,  after multiple early losses its just too much.  I told my sister  when we got an early ultrasound with a heartbeat and everything looked good,  because I had to tell someone but that's it. I'm not really worried about telling friends but my mother in law really overwhelms me emotionally so telling her is kind of a challenge.  The holidays already stress me out so I'm kind of not looking forward to them. 
  • I can so relate. This is my first pregnancy, I have 2 older stepsons. I wanted to wait because that is what everyone says to do but my husband started telling everyone he knows. I am 11 wks now, I have told my family and am starting to tell everyone At work. I am still a little nervous to tell everyone so soon but so far everyone has been so positive.
  • I had a chemical pregnancy last year and while I know they are very common it was still heartbreaking. We were not trying at the time, but I was going through a lot of stress at work and it took me a while to get through it. Now we are married and got pregnant right away! I shared the news with my yoga teachers and a couple of friends but that's all. It's going to be hard at holiday parties because I won't be drinking but I don't care! We'll be 12 weeks on Christmas day and so far everything is going very well. Staying positive and planning a nice surprise for our parents, best Christmas gift! We are doing the California genetic testing program in 2 weeks so I'll feel better announcing after that. I might tell my boss because I work from home and I'll be on site for the Christmas party so it might be a good time to have some face to face conversations.
    I agree it's easy to share with people you would be comfortable sharing a loss with as well. I just know my parents would be broken hearted and I would like to spare them the heartache just in case things go South.
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