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Whole Milk Transition

I thought I'd start a new discussion board since I have been thinking about this transition a lot lately. My son is 10 months old now. He will be a year on September 24th. I breastfed him until 8.5 months. He is on formula now. He drinks 5 6oz bottles everyday. He loves his solids, but he really fills up quickly. 

I plan to start going to half formula/half whole milk once he's 11.5 months and then straight whole milk at a year. I just bought him 2 tommee tippee sippy cups today since he's loved his tommee tippee bottles. I hope to transition him to those starting tomorrow. 

Im concerned that he will be hungry once he weans from formula. Will whole milk be enough? Will he naturally start eating more? I'm also wondering about milk temperature. I've tried to just give him lukewarm bottles of formula and he doesn't drink the whole bottle if I do that. Am I going to need to warm his whole milk in the bottle warmer?

I appreciate any ideas/experience and please feel free to ask your own questions of course!

Re: Whole Milk Transition

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    Our babies have the same birthday :-) I have also wondering about the whole milk. A friend of mine said she started giving her LO whole milk around 11 months and would give it straight from the fridge when he was eating solids to get him used to drinking it cold. I think transitioning LO won't be too bad except for the night bottle of pumped milk ...I think that will be out biggest hurrdle. 
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    I still have quite a bit of breast milk stored so he will be getting that and whole probably mixed together when we decide to go that route. The cold thing will be an issue for us too. He will only take his bottle heated in a warmer currently. Takes water cold but not his milk.
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    With my previous two kids, they kind of just naturally started eating more solids around a year and the milk tapered off. I mixed boob and whole milk for them at daycare, and offered straight boob from the tap at home. Slowly I added in a bit of straight whole milk here and there. My son was never a big cows milk drinker, he's still not and I don't really care. I don't think milk really NEEDS to be part of their diet? Not sure in the latest thinking in that area though.
    My LO doesn't really care about temp of milk. You could try slowly decreasing it and see if LO notices?
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