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Vegetarian/vegan mama's!

This baby has decided that we are vegetarian now & I figured I'd start a board for you ladies who are plant based to chat about plant based recipes & nutrition during pregnancy/breastfeeding. I know I could definitely use some support! 

Re: Vegetarian/vegan mama's!

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    How did the baby decide you are vegetarian? Is meat making you  ill?
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    This happened to me last pregnancy, meat totally repulsed me for most of first and second tri! I was raised by a veggie mom so I love vegetarian food (though I married a very carnivorous man so I can't  cook like that for him!) However, since I'm not a big meat eater I do make a lot of meals with either a simple meat and fun veggie sides (he eats most of the meat, I eat most of the sides) or I make something that can easily be made meatless for myself if I don't feel like eating meat. Tacos are good for that, it's easy to make a meat filling and a bean filling and then you just skip the meat. If your SO is on board with going meatless then pretty much anything can be altered to exclude the meat or swap it! Great meat alternatives for recipes that are still tasty and hearty are beans, mushrooms, or vegan meats if you like those. Pastas are always very easy to make meatless, and I like to load with tasty herbs and veggies! Vegetarian cuisine is not all salads! If you go full out vegan than it's obviously a little more difficult, but totally possible, lots of great recipes out there! My family is full of vegans, we're the oddball couple of the bunch that eats meat and non-organic food...whoops. Have fun with it! I would happily cook vegetarian for the rest of my life if my DH wouldn't shrivel up without his meat, hahaha.
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    mpp06mpp06 member
    You can play around a lot with it if there is a meat eater in the house. We are vegetarian but my son has a dairy allergy so I find vegan/vegetarian meals and just add meat to them. Make the same size just use meat for half (or whatever ratio) for the meat eaters! Good luck! 
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    @mamaof5already I have the strongest aversion to meat. The only foods I can stomach just so happen to be vegetarian. 
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