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Need help! Issues producing milk :(

taycrewstaycrews member
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LO is 10 month old and I just got my AF for the first time. It has drastically hindered my milk supply. I have no back up left. I'm pumping and feeding as much as possible to boost it up but it's a slow slow process and I'm not producing enough for her. LO has never had formula. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what they did. I'm about to buy some formula to be sure she is being fed. If anyone else has substituted like this before I would love to hear some tips and tricks (i.e. How often did you feed them formula). Thank you!

Re: Need help! Issues producing milk :(

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    My supply dips with my period too, it usually bumps back up to normal within a few days! I bet yours will too. If LO seems satisfied I wouldn't worry too much!
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    BabyBoyH92016BabyBoyH92016 member
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    When I first started supplementing I would nurse, then offer my Lo 2 ounces of formula from a bottle. He took it very well and we never had issues with him not drinking formula. I would try that first. I definitely mixed breastmilk with formula in bottles, but with that you risk them not drinking the whole thing and then having to pitch your breastmilk/formula cocktail. 

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