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Help! BF baby refuses to take the bottle!

I need some suggestions because my dd refuses take the bottle. We've gotten her to take about 1/2oz occasionally but other than that I've been trying since she was 6.5 weeks and now she almost 18 weeks and she still won't take it. I've tried the advent, mam, nuk, playtex with latex nipple, boob, comotomo, and sippy cups from avent and tommee tippee. I've tried bottle feeding skin to skin and have only been successful once. I took her to day care today and she only lasted 1.5 hours before they called me so that I could pick her up because she wouldn't eat. Day care suggested that I wean her off the breast so that she'll take the bottle. I go back to work to in a less than 3 weeks and we're struggling. My husband doesn't get home until 7:30pm, when she's super fussy so it's been hard to try to feed her. And my mom can't come to help because she's been working overtime. I'm tired and frustrated, does anyone have any other suggestions? TIA!
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