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HDBD 7/26

Brynlee was absolutely fascinated by the "blue water" while looking for the polar bear at the zoo. 

I'm torn between loving and hating this picture... she looks so grown up! She was clueless about our friend's trampoline, but she loved trying to run on it. 

It's getting so hard to choose pictures now! She's so big and beautiful and silly! Maybe that's why I love this one... she looks so sweet and innocent. 

I can't believe how fast our babies are growing. 

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    KFrobKFrob member
    Harper at the children's museum. Our daycare provider is on vacation for three weeks so we're trying to use it as a family staycation. 

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    First two photos are her 18mos shots. Third one is her first look at the beach. Last one is her with her cousin, they are 11 months apart showing how small Aurora is compared to her 7month cousin. This age is a lot of fun but exhausting. 
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    I'm surprised every day about how much Birdie advances. Her vocabulary is off the charts. When the nurse at her 18 month visit said, "Is she saying 5-10 words?" I was like, "Uh...more like 200." She's stalling bedtime nightly, by sharing kisses and hugs until I cut her off. She no longer cries at daycare drop off. She can put her shoes on by herself. She's too big! 
    First pic is after she fell asleep at lunch at daycare. Second pic is because she needs to put everything on. Namely this one swim diaper, but also socks, several pairs of pants, my bra...whatever. She was so happy to get this all the way up. The third is after her big brother handed her his all star championship trophy, and the last is at a balloon festival we have nearby.
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    kodariahkodariah member
    edited July 2017
    Keaton had his first sleepover this week at grandmas house with all his cousins. I went to pick him up missing him and he didn't even care, he still wanted to play with his cousins.
     Keat learned how to open the baby powder. 
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    Davey made a cameo in his little brother's newborn photos. We haven't gotten the official pics back yet so these are from my cell phone. Baby Thomas was born exactly 18 months after his brother!

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    Awww! Congrats @mamadcb ! What sweet boys you have! 
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    Here's my little Freya girl
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