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WTF/Winning Wednesday 7/26

Re: WTF/Winning Wednesday 7/26

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  • Wtf to myself. Thought it was a genius idea to have McDonald's for lunch while DS was asleep in the back of the van... now I feel like garbage 

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  • @kvacmak Bless your heart. Two of the worst/sickest days I've had all pregnancy were both within 24 hrs. of a McNugget Happy Meal  :s 

    I joke all the time about how my in-laws do just a totally asinine amount of laundry on vacation, but with hormones and whatnot it's evolved into a full-blown WTF.  I don't need to wash my pajamas/washcloth/shirt/towel/swimsuits/ insert item here every single day, and I don't understand why they do. Surely they have drained an entire reservoir or lake by now and it's only Wednesday night.  Right now someone has forgotten they started a load in the dryer and it's apparently one of those dryers that continues to fluff and sound the buzzer every few minutes until you notice the laundry is done. Every time I start to drift off to sleep, it buzzes again. :|  
  • @elcd458 a good friend of mine used to go crazy when her in-laws would visit because they would want a new bath towel every single day. She was like, "We don't have that many towels!" Now, they've moved closer so they don't stay overnight at her house any more. The only towels in our house that only get used once are DD's washcloths.

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  • Had to resurrect this because I'm currently registering for a hospital tour, and under "expected due date" it gives the option to go back as far as 1918. Yes, I am expecting to deliver my child 100 years ago, thank you. WTF.
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