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Anyone else have a runner?

So, Rose's favorite thing these days is to break free from my arms and RUN.  She is surprisingly strong, so she's able to wrench away from me easier than you'd think and she is FAST.  Last night at dinner (in a thankfully mostly empty restaurant) I was basically running wind sprints to get after her.  Anyone else dealing with this?  Any solutions or strategies?

Also...what are your thoughts on those kid leash backpack things?  I'm trying to hold off for now, but whenever we have another baby, I feel like something like that will be a safety necessity!  She is fearless, stubborn and lightning fast!

Re: Anyone else have a runner?

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    If we're in large crowds or somewhere I worry about her safety, I will either hold or wear Birdie. She does want to roam and run away, but at this point, she's still checking in with me. I've been trying to let her go sometimes because I do want her to explore.
    As far as the leashes--I don't love them, but I get their purpose. I would much rather have a toddler on my back than on a leash. I did have a cousin that just wouldn't pay attention and often get separated from the group. My mom had her often when she was little, and after getting separated several times, my mom invested in the backpack leash. I think the only time she really used it was at things like Disney World and festivals. Places that are vast and crowded. I think it's ok, as long as you remember that it's just to keep them within a safe distance. I've seen a mom jerk a leash, and that made my hackles rise. I'm not a big fan of dragging an unwilling child, either.
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    KFrobKFrob member
    YES! Harper is also a runner! She thinks it's funny and I blame myself.  Ever since she could crawl I would chase after her, catch her, and tickle her. She still thinks it's the greatest thing ever.  Now I'm working really hard to make it clear to her that there are situations where it's not okay or safe. She took off in a parking lot Sunday that thank god had no cars driving in it.  I grabbed her, yelled at her, and then gave her a huge hug and burst into tears. She probably thought I was being a crazy person!  
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    We joke that my child doesn't know how to walk. She runs everywhere.  Constantly on full speed. Has been since the day she started walking. Makes for many falls and bruises. I have no solutions. I just let her run. Obviously if I'm in a crowded place I don't let her go far, and she sometimes stays in the stroller (thats wishful thinking most times) but shes good in crowds, she seems to know she cant go far and will often run back. I don't love leashes. I personally wont use one but don't judge anyone who does. I get the use for them. 
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    @stephanienjer  Oh jeez, I didn't even think of people jerking the leash!  That actually makes me concerned that I could accidentally do that and then now I'm thinking of the leash getting tangled up in things/other people.  :/  May create more problems instead of solving the original one.  I think it'll just be running wind sprints after her for a while (good for fitness, haha) and trying to teach her not to run near cars or streets.  
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    Yup! I just ordered a leash that has a backpack too. If you get one that has the leash down low near their waist jerking it and them falling over is less likely. Plus this way he can carry his own water, snacks, and diapers.
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