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Tackle It Tuesday (GTKY)

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What have you been trying to tackle or hope to start tackling? Or what have you completely tackled and earned a pat on the back for? 

Re: Tackle It Tuesday (GTKY)

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  • Totally tackled- a successful trip to Milwaukee for a bday party for elijahand his baptism

    Trying to tackle- meal planning!!!  I'm getting better:)

    Hope to tackle- budgeting better.  And add me to the list of cleaning out everything.....
  • Totally tackled: going through E's baby clothes! Everything is in bins and sorted by size so it's all ready for the next one if it's a girl.

    Trying to tackle: my closet. I've gotten rid of so much stuff but I always feel like there's more.

    Hope to tackle: mold spots popping up around the apartment. We're in a basement so everything gets nasty. Anyone have any non-bleach remedies?
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @holly142 Holy Crap, lady! That's crazy awesome. Great job! 

    @schaze Plain old Distilled White Vinegar is great for most mold. Smells awful, but so does bleach and the smell will disappear once it dries. 
    LDSJM123[Deleted User]kmurdock925holly142
  • schaze - If you're able and depending on where the mold is popping up (if it is drywall) paint some Kilz, or Killz?? on it.  It will kill the mold and seal it to keep it from coming back.
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