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Fixing Diastasis With Splint/Corset Years After Having Baby

So, my second baby was born in 2014. I have diastasis recti, and want to correct it now. I was reading about corsets or splints specially designed for the correction of this problem. But, all the testimonials I have read women use the splints/corsets right after having their baby. Is it too late for me to use a corset/splint to fix my diastasis recti? Has anyone begun this method to correct abdominal separation years after having baby? Results? Good? Bad? Any other ways that have worked to correct this issue? Thanks!
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Re: Fixing Diastasis With Splint/Corset Years After Having Baby

  • Just started using the bump again and saw your post. Hopefully you see this as it has been awhile. Splinting is actually not recommended because it makes it so your abdominal muscles don't have to work so it makes them lazy. I have DR and it can heal at any time postpartum. It is usually caused by a functional imbalance (bad posture, poor breathing, flared ribs, etc). Example: many people with DR complain of back pain but it is poor posture that causes the back pain not the DR, but the poor posture contributed to the DR. If you correct these issues it removes the strain from your diastasis and it can heal. I have had a lot of success healing my diastasis with Dr. Sarah Duvalls programs (I also used her programs to fix my pelvic floor as well). She is a PT who has extensive knowledge about womens issue and fixing them.
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