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mc after five years ttc

hi ladies, well my hubby and I had our first FET on June 15th. I went in for my second beta and was told you are very pregnant only to bleed heavily that same night. I went through an IVIG in hopes of saving the pregnancy and the procedure failed. My lil angel stopped growing two days after and a heart beat was not detected. I was just shy of 6 weeks and enjoyed being pregnant for those 2.5 weeks from the time I learned I was pregnant. I had a D & C last week and now trying to make sense of what went wrong. We had PGS testing on our embryos and really couldn't believe how successful we had been until that point. It felt so cruel to have this lil angel taken away from us so quickly after years of trying. We have five embryos left and at this point I feel so scared to go through another FET. Hoping to hear stories of success after loss and d&c. To all the ladies reading this my heart goes out to you. I pray daily for all our strength and peace in our hearts.

Re: mc after five years ttc

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    I don't have a success story for you but wanted to say I'm sorry for you loss. Hoping you get your rainbow baby soon!
    Ivy: July 2010  |  Stella: Dec 2012  |  BFP#3: MMC at 11Wk's, July 2017 | Wyatt: April 2019 | BFP#5: Twin Girls due Sept 2020

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    So sorry for your loss 
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    @michsanc I'm so sorry for your loss. I have had two losses and a D&C after the second. I also was suffering from infertility (2.5 years), but I was doing IUIs. After two losses plus the fact that I was having a hard time getting pregnant, I never thought I'd have a child. However, I got pregnant again on my 6th IUI, and I did have a successful pregnancy. I did feel hopeless after the two losses, but I refused to give up. I know how heartbroken you must feel, but please don't lose hope!! Sending positive thoughts your way!
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    Thank you ladies ... I appreciate it. We plan to start trying again in october . Each day gets a little easier but still hurts. Trying to stay focused on our future and our current blessings. 
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    @michsanc sorry for your loss. I also had miscarriage with a PGS normal embryo... well, actually 2... first one stopped growing at 6w1d and second one was a chemical... 

    it is heartbreaking and makes you wonder what does PGS normal even mean. My RE says that even PGS embryos can have genetic defects. Or it could be something with me... 

    good of luck with the next FET. I hope it works this time!
    TTC history in spoiler box:
    Me: 42, single
    Hysteroscopy: 2013
    IUI #1-2: 2013 BFN
    Surgery 10/2015: Planned to start trying again but had a surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    Surgery 5/2016: Planned to start trying again but had another surgery. (Not related to fertility)
    IUI  #3-5 (with Clomid): summer 2016 BFN
    IVF #1: 11/2016. 30R; 21M; 20F; 8B (6 day5 & 2 day6); 4 normal after PGS
    Medicated FET #1: 1/31/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFP. Embryo stopped growing at 6w 1d. MUA at 9w 3d.
    Medicated FET #2June 2017 - cancelled...
    Hysteroscopy #2: June 2017
    Medicated FET #2: 8/7/2017 transferred 1 embryo 5BB. BFP. Ended in CP.
    Medicated FET #3: 10/11/2017 transferred 1 embryo 3AA. BFN
    ERA: December 2017 - need an extra 12 hours of PIO
    Medicated FET #4: 1/24/2018 transferred 1 embryo 4AA. BFN
    Out of embryos.  :'(
    IVF #2: 03/2018.

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