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Help! FTM

My baby girl is 3 weeks old and she moves and turns and grunts when she is asleep and she wakes up all the time she is in her moses so we have to keep rocking her to make her sleep again and that means me or hubby wont sleep, if that doesnt work she will oly sleep longer periods if she is laying with her tummy to my chest or to hubby, she sometimes cries so hard she goes all red seems like she isnt breathing from the effort. Could it be something bothering her? Its so frustrating cause once she is fed, burped, changed and cuddled and still will cry like that... any advice?

Re: Help! FTM

  • Does she have mucus or flecks of blood in her poop? If so she might have a milk and soy protein intolerance. That can cause fussiness and discomfort in babies. There's lots of info out there on Google if you suspect that may be part of the problem. 

    Young babies do crave skin to skin contact with their parents. That's why she settles on you.

    You said she's moving in her sleep. Is she swaddled?  If not, using a swaddle, miracle blanket, zipadee, or love2dream sleep sack will probably help some. Then she'll be less likely to jerk herself awake.

    If you're feeding her breastmilk, it digests quickly. She'll need to eat 2 to 3 hours after the time she began her last feed. I'm not sure how often formula-fed babies need to eat when they're that young. 
  • Swaddling helps my baby fall back asleep and prevents him from waking himself up. Check out Happiest Baby on the Block
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