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Tips for flying with DD

I'm supposed to go on a 2 hour flight with DD alone in mid August. We booked this trip a while ago before I knew I was also pregnant. I will be 10 weeks when we fly and I only have one seat as I planned on DD sitting on my lap. Now I'm wishing I bought her her own seat because she's big and im pregnant. It's early enough where I don't think it matters if she's on my lap but I'm still nervous about the whole thing. I planned on bringing snacks for her and her portable DVD player along with her videos on my phone. Any other tips for flying with a 1 year old? Will the airline let me bring her snacks and stuff on the plane? What about liquids?
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Re: Tips for flying with DD

  • We just travelled cross country and my best advice is to let them go nuts in the airport and on the plane (sets low expectations), give them something to suck on while climbing to altitude (I nursed to help pop ears) and if she'll sleep, let her. I did this and LO took at least an hour nap on each of the 4 flights we took to CA and back. The gel window clings from target were a hit too. They're squishy and stick to everything without being sticky. Windows, tray tables, books, iPads... and when they get dirty you just rinse them off and good as new.
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  • In the last month I've taken 4 6-hour flights with my DD (3 of them alone), and I got a lot of great advice from friends. Several things worked best.

    First, when you get to the gate ask if there are any empty seats on the flight that they can put you next to for her. The agent has to be in the mood to want to help you out, but if they'll do it it's a game changer. Buy a CARES harness so you have a restraint for her without needing to lug the car seat. We got an extra seat on one of the flights and it was the best by far. 

    The most effective and and time consuming distractions for us were food and books. For food, bring snacks that you can dole out one piece at a time so they take longer to eat. Cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts. I saved DD's favorite snack for the descent and  every time my ears popped would give her one. Only way I found go to keep her from crying from ear pain on descent -- water and nursing didn't cut it. For books, buy ones that can take a long time to look at. For us this meant lift the flap books like What's In My Truck. I also made her a photo book with pictures of all her family members and she's obsessed with it.  Will look at it forever. 

    Bring a change of clothes for her and for you too just in case. The changing tables on the plane aren't bad (and a trip to the bathroom is also an activity that can kill 5 mins), but I'd still change her right before and put her in an overnight diaper. 

    Bring your carrier (ergo or whatever) for boarding and just in case you need to use the bathroom inflight. 

    You can bring juice and purée pouches in excess of the usual liquid limits through security. I always told them I had it and sometimes got extra screening for it and sometimes not. I'd have maybe 6 or 7 pouches and a little 4 oz bottle of juice. 

    I was was so stressed out before all my flights but they were much better than expected! And my DD hates to sit still, and is on the screamy side. People are mostly nice and will often offer to help. So take heart, and good luck!!
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    Thanks for the tips! I'm super nervous to fly with her on my lap. She's never been a fussy baby I think if she has her own seat she will be fine and I'll def be bringing cheerios they are her favorite and some pouches. Along with water juice and her binkie. I usually only let her sleep with it but I'll make an exception for this. We are flying during her nap time I planned that hoping she will nap. I will def invest in that harness to attach to the plane seat to help keep her still.

    I was wondering about changing her on the plane if I had to. Hoping I don't have to because it's a short flight but wasn't sure if they had changing tables def will bring extra change of clothes and overnight diapers too. I haven't wore DD since she was 5/6 months old not sure she would tolerate it but she's standing and walking really well. I'm bringing her umbrella stroller for in airport and stuff.  

    Thinking of calling the airline and seeing if they have two seats together they can switch us too. We also got flight insurance just incase.
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  • Try not to be too nervous. Horror stories aren't as common as they seem, and if anyone gets angry because your baby is uncomfortable tell them to suck it up. My philosophy with any outing with kids is that you can only teach them how to act properly in public by bringing them in public. And you can't expect a toddler to be comfortable sitting quietly for long periods of time.

    That said, if you're traveling during naptime you should be fine.
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  • Good info!  I'm taking notes because I'll be flying to Sacramento with Ethan August 7th. But I will have my husband to help. We did not buy a seat for Ethan since it's 1.5 hours. 

    Here's my plan so far: We downloaded some fun baby apps apps on our iPad. We plan to string cheerios on dental floss so it will take him longer to eat and be entertaining. We bought this book called Zip It because he loves zippers. I planned to bring window clings and post it notes so he can stick them all over the seat and window. We will have snacks and his sippy cup. My aunt let us borrow her car seat that has wheels so we can roll him through the airport!!!  Woohoo. 
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