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IC After Multiple LEEPS?! When to have the cervix checked?

Hey all. I'm a first time Mom so I'm not sure what's considered "normal." I've have cervical pre-cancer twice in my life and 2 LEEPs along w that. One at 19 and one about 10 years later, in July of 2016. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and my doctor does not seem concerned about the length of my cervix. They also haven't checked yet tho. When is it normal to have your cervix measured? I have my next ultrasound appointment scheduled on Aug 14th and I'll be 18 weeks by then. I have felt a lot of growing pains (at least I think so) and bloating in the lower abdominal. Now that we are out of the first trimester and the baby is growing at an exponential rate I get very nervous about IC being overlooked. Any tips on this topic based on others w similar experiences would be wonderful. 

Thank you!

Re: IC After Multiple LEEPS?! When to have the cervix checked?

  • I had a leep and some additional cryotherapy done, so I was concerned about cervical length and IC being overlooked with my first pregnancy as well. I mentioned my concerns to my MW at one of my appointments and she was able to get me in for a quick vaginal u/s to check my cervical lenth, which ended up being fine. It literally took 30 seconds to check with u/s and saved me a world of worry.
    Cervical length is not something that my practice routinely checks during pregnancy for patients who have had leeps. To my knowledge, it's not usually done (or part of routine care) unless you are having symptoms of IC (pelvic pressure, cramping, bleeding, etc. before 20 weeks). So, if you want them to check your cervical length, you may have to specifically ask.
    Bloating, RLP, and "growing pains" are normal in pregnancy, and not necessarily symptoms of IC. Since you are concerned though, given your history, I would just ask your OB for a cervical length check at your next appointment. It's something simple that they can do relatively quickly (especially since you are having a u/s anyway) and it will help get that doubt and worry out of your head. 
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