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I'm so done being pregnant!!

hi mommies, I just need to vent... I'm 37 weeks pregnant with #3, gender unknown. Taking care of DS age 4 and DD age 2 is making me sooooo much more tired & sore than with my other 2 pregnancies. I have heartburn a lot of the day because I'm just craving junk & too much of it. At night I'm so tired but can't sleep  cuz of restless legs. I want a clean house & to stay on top of laundry, but have no energy half the time. Not to mention my moods...I go from happy to I'm-so-mad-I'm-gonna-snap in 3 seconds flat...my poor kids and DH! Anyone else feeling this? I'm due aug 9 (scheduled c section), which is less than 3 weeks away but I don't think I can wait another hour :(
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