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3rd Trimester

Mucus plus and subsequent pregnancies

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With my first, I lost it 12 days before my water broke. I was also 39+4 when my water broke and was still 0cm AFTER my water broke for a few hours.
All you 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th, etc) time moms, did you lose your mucus plug sooner or later with your subsequent pregnancies? 
I was 36 weeks Tuesday and had my check up. 1cm and 0%. I think my doctor rattled it loose. I lost some of it yesterday, and definitely lost the rest today. 

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Re: Mucus plus and subsequent pregnancies

  • I never noticed losing my mucous plug with either pregnancy. Since it can regenerate, it's not really a great indicator of whether or not labor is coming soon anyway.

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  • As soon as I lost mine my water broke and had very painful contractions then after 6 hours he was here so everything happened really quick with me
  • Lost my mucus plug starting at 33ish weeks with my second. She didn’t come until 41+1 weeks. My first I don’t remember loosing it until labor and she came at 38+6 weeks 
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