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HDBD 7/19

Let's see those babies and bumps!
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  • No new pictures really this week, but I'm finally sorting through Miles's one year photos to make prints. He had a pretty good time at the session once he got over the fact that the strange lady's face disappeared behind a giant lens. Miles is becoming more confident walking up and down short steps without a hand for assistance and has found a new love in playing in the dirt in the garden. He just wants to pick up all the dirt clods and smash them or carry them off to new locations.
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  • Savannah's new milestone is that she is napping in the crib!!!! I can now put her in the crib awake and expect a one hour nap from her at least once a day, this coupled with her STTN is truly life changing! Especially since I'm home with her July & August.

    Her favorite thing to do now is to give kisses, especially to our dogs. Kinda gross but I guess it's boosting her immune system?
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  • Ok old photo but cam loves hanging outside with his sister's, his favorite thing is sitting in the playskool car while they push it around. He cruises, can climb onto furniture now and has 2 teeth.
  • Moving is kicking my butt, and I don't have many good photos, but here is one I love from yesterday. She is starting to take steps a lot more, and I love it
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  • khenry12 said:
    I am late to the party, but here is Adi with her Kitty and enjoying bath time. She is walking and talking more and more. She now knows her ears, belly button, nose, toes, and eyes.  
    Impressive. Jackie only knows her butt because I constantly tell her to sit down on her butt in chairs.
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  • Another busy week of fun. Still no independent steps, but Ollie is close, and Henry has added "up" and "yes" to his vocabulary.
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