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Hi everyone!  I'm sorry to have to be meeting anyone on this board, but I'm excited to find a support system to bounce info off of.  

DH and I have been TTC for 20 months.  We are both in our early 30s and our infertility is unexplained so far. We started seeing an RE a few months ago.  After a bunch of initial tests, neither of us have any glaring issues with reproduction, the RE decided we should do superovulation with TI for 3 months before jumping to IVF. 

I just finished the first month with a BFN.  I kept telling myself everyday last month that it wouldn't work on the first try to avoid disappointment.  The follistim shots were new and exciting.  I looked forward to my ultrasounds every 3 days to check my progress.  I didn't have any major side effects from the follistim because of the low dose.  The goal was for my body to make 3 eggs and that's exactly what I had.  The TWW was soooo long.  And the AF arrived and I was upset.  I went through all of those shots and ultrasounds for nothing.  I'm feeling very discouraged but still trying to see the bright side of things.

I have to take BC for a week to hold off my cycle because of my RE's schedule, so I will start my next cycle of super ovulation with TI next week.  Is anyone else doing Super Ovulation or done it in the past?

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  • Hello, and welcome.  I am sorry you have to be here but glad you joined us.  Fx that your next cycle does the trick.
    Me:33, DH:38 Married: 8/2/2014
    TTC #1 Since: April 2015
    Unexplained Infertility

    Cycle 1&2 : Clomid 50mg- BFN
    Cycle 3: Letrozole 2.5mg- BFN
    Cycle 4: Letrozole 5mg- BFN
    Cycle 5: HSG-normal
                  Clomid 100mg+ Estrace- BFN
    Cycle 6: Letrozole 5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progestrone- BFN
    Cycle 7: Letrozole 5mg, Cyst found during follicle check
    Cycle 8: Birth control to treat left ovary cyst
    Cycle 9: Letrozole 7.5mg+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 10: Letrozole 7.5mg, 2 Cysts found during follicle check
    Cycle 11: Clomid 100mg+Estradiol+Trigger shot+IUI+Progesterone- BFN
    Cycle 12: Clomid 100mg- BFN
    Cycle 13-16: Natural attempts while awaiting IVF 
    Cycle 14: IVF-BFN

  • Hello, thanks for sharing your struggles. I'm so sorry that it didn't work after all the mental and emotional work that goes into a process like that. Mentally preparing for the worst seems to be the norm these days each time a new month/end of cycle rolls around. :( While I don't have experience with TI and superovulation, I'm sending you positive thoughts and energy that next time will be different. I would let yourself be sad or feel however you need to feel. We are stronger than we think even when we feel weak and hopeless! 
    Christina, 33 / Married DH 32
    TTC since Oct 2016

    dx: Unexplained; Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
    History: 3 Consecutive MCs
    • 1/13/17 1st-Blighted Ovum @ 11w with d&c,
    • 5/4/17 2nd-natural miscarriage at 6w4d, 
    • 7/13/17 3rd- CP
    • 8/11/17 BFN (aspirin)
    • 9/8/17 BFN (aspirin)
    • 10/7 BFN (200mg progesterone)
    • IUI #1 10/20 and 10/21 (Letrozole 2.5mg & Ovidrel Trigger): BFP! 
    • beta hcg levels 11/3= 164 mIU/mL, 11/6= 749 mIU/mL, 11/15=26,516mIU/mL
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  • Thank you!
  • Hiiiii. I'm new to the board too, so wanted to say hello. 
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  • Hi, I'm a newbie too!! Just wanted to say hi and I wish you the best on your journey. 
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