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Late Term and Child Loss

Need advice

A friend just found out that their baby (25w) is not going to survive due to a heart defect.   The baby is still kicking and has a heart beat, but the doctors say baby will pass away any time in the next month.   What can I do or say to let her know I care and am devastated for her?   She's a really private person.  
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Re: Need advice

  • I am sorry your friend is experiencing this, but you are a good friend. In situations like this unfortunately there are no right words or things to be done, but being honest with your friend and letting her know you are heartbroken for her and her family is comforting to hear. I would recommend sending a card, letter, texts. Also after child is born anything with the child's name or even birth month would be special. I have a little figurine that has the parents and then an angel baby with wings that I love personally. Something for her to make hand and footprints with would also be special they sell them at Michaels and they could bring to hospital when they deliver. 
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