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Toddler started hitting again.

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My son was hitting. I got him to stop through a couple of different methods. Then his grandma, my mil, came over. He started hitting her again. He seems to only hit her more. She tries to claim that he only hits when she is at our house, but I have seen otherwise. I'm wondering. Does anyone else find it odd that he tends to hit her and starts hitting again because of her? She laughs and gives him kisses when he hits, saying me putting him in time out will create aggression and isn't right.

Re: Toddler started hitting again.

  • @jcfisher1 my 23 mon old has just started the hitting thing mainly with my mother and I as we spend the most time with her but also to her daddy and our dog! 

    It seems to be she hits those she feels comfortable around, mostly to get attention or when she is tired or hungry!

    We have told her hitting is not nice, not allowed, we don't hit, etc.! I do not spank her or put her in time out! I just try and distract her with an activity such as playing dolls, reading, or get her a snack and drink if meal time is not close! 

    If she persists then I know it is nap time or bed time! 

    I am hoping it passes swiftly! 

    Try giving him a productive or calming task to distract him from acting out!
    Also, ask him why he hits! If he is able to respond!

    I ask my daughter but she is still getting a grip on emotions along with cause and effect! She has yet to answer me! But it is all a work in progress! Good luck! 
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