How apnea, bradycardia and desaturation has affected (if so) your preterm baby


I have a babe born in 31 week, now he is almost 35 and since he was born he has had some episodes with apnea, braid and desaturation.
Sometimes it happens only few times per day like 5 but sometimes more like even 20.
Most of the time he self correct himself but sometimes he need some gentle stimulation. About 10 time (in this 4 weeks) he changed his colour.
In the average he drops oxygen to 75 and hart beat to 70 but sometimes it goes lower than that (in first time it went down to 60 and 30).
Other than this he is doing fine, he gaining a weight (very well) and he hasn't got any other issues so far.

I would like to find out what can I expect about him in the future, in case of development, learning difficulties, etc.

I would be more than grateful if you could share your experience and what have you noticed about your baby in later age.

Many thanks,
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