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Your bringing baby home summer outfit

Hi all,

My other four babies were born in fall/winter. We live in the south, and temps should be in the 90s when this one arrives next month. I'm thinking a light cotton sleeper would still be OK as the hospital/car will obviously have AC. What are you all doing, please share if you have your outfit picked out already! 

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Re: Your bringing baby home summer outfit

  • Brought my June baby home in a cotton onesie and light leggings. She spent most of the summer in just onesies though. If she seemed cold I'd have her in a Muslin blankie. Our house didn't have AC though.
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  • If you haven't checked it out, I'd recommend you visit the August 2017 Baby Month Board. There are probably lots of other women who have similar questions. :)

  • I'm thinking about cotton longsleeved onesies.. I know it's hot but the AC might be too much for him 
  • I brought my May baby home in a cotton romper. In Southern California, its summer here year round, and the week she was born (end of May) it was HOT. Nearly 100 degrees. Thanking my lucky stars for AC!

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  • I brought my July baby home on a 100 degree day in a short-sleeved onesie with a blanket over his lap to help with the AC.
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