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I know it's not good to compare our babies but I'm just interested to just see where we're at with different milestones! 

First up..crawling? My LO does not seem to understand the concept yet and is continuing to just roll everywhere. He doesn't "army crawl" and isn't trying to get up on his hands and knees. I'm not worried, just curious about other's experience so far!

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  • My LO started at 7,5 months to sit on her knees and hands and rocking back and forward. A day or two later she stared her army crawl. 
    I would think she'd be crawling by now, but so far she done max to 'steps' forward with being on her knees and goes back to army crawl.

    She's very good at standing, yet has no clue how to get to standing. She can sit unassisted yet doesn't know how to get to sitting yet.

    Does your LO sit unassisted?
    Ive read that once they can, they manage to put their knees under their butts to get into the position to crawl.
    Yet I've also read, you shouldn't put a baby down to sit as they need to learn themselves. 
    So I didn't overdo the putting her down to sit, choose the happy medium :)


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  • M started rocking back and forth on his knees at aroun 5.5 months. He started pulling himself around probably 6.5/7 months. he kept a getting better and better. 
    One day (2 days before he turned 8 months) we laid him down on the floor and he started crawling and hasn't stopped since! 

    He can sit unassisted but can't go from crawling to sitting. He can however go from sitting to crawling. 
    He can pull himself up to his knees but hasn't managed to get into his feet yet. 
    He still seems pretty shaky on his feet so I doubt he will be walking early ! 

    @ALBONNET1218 from what I've read when babies have a way of getting around that's working for them they wint progress as fast and that's totally okay! It's human nature.. if we as adults can do what we're doing instead of something that seems so difficult with the same outcome we're going to take the easy way out! 
    M literally saw his toys one day and decided he wanted to get there faster and just went for it. Your LO will find the motivation when the right situation arises! In he meantime keep up with the tummy time!!
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  • Totally agree with the above, about the motivation. My LO wanted to move, but rolling was ok, and she always came across a toy. So why bother.
    Until one day she was eyeing my pink screwdriver. I put it down away from her and she had no idea how to get there that fast, but off she went!
    Im not getting a Mother of the Year award for the prop I used...but who cares she army crawled :)


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  • @kristah2 oh man, M sounds like a rockstar with everything so far! And its so interesting hearing about the transitions they learn as they get better and better (crawling to sitting and vice versa, etc). Thanks for the totally makes sense. And as @tvh1982 said, he always comes across a toy when rolling and seems to get where he wants to go. Hopefully there will be something that catches his attention enough for him to want to get there faster haha 
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  • Post keeps getting deleted! 
  • I have taken the opposite approach to @tvh1982 and have always given M lots of opportunities to practice sitting on his own and he mastered that first. From there he learned to sit up on his own and then moved to crawling. He's actually a terrible crawler and isn't much interested in doing it. He's working on pulling up instead. I wouldn't worry too much about if your son is on track or not. They all move at their own pace. I have a FB friend who's 9 mo son is just now sitting up on his own and another who's 10 mo daughter is walking. 
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    LO was army crawling from about 5.5 months and then started sitting unassisted around 6 months. She was able to crawl, sit to crawl, and crawl to sit by 7 months. Then just after 7 months she was pulling her self up to standing. If I hold her hands she will sort of walk, but she hasn't done it on her own yet on furniture (she is one week shy of 8 months.

    FWIW my friend has a baby a month older than mine and she just started army crawling recently, but has been sitting great for a while.

    If you are really concerned talk with the doctor, they would be able to gauge if LO is on track or behind.
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  • A week after she turned 7 months, E suddenly started crawling everywhere. It took her longer to sit up steadily by herself, but that started around 8 months. As soon as she started sitting well, she started pulling herself up on me and now on the couch/cat climber. It's amazing how different every kid is a when it comes to milestones. 

    @ALBONNET1218 - it sounds like your LO is doing great, but as others have said, if you're worried, a quick call to your ped to check in about it should help. 
  • Thanks @MrsMaryK2016 @m6agua and @lajoliedreamer!! It's true, all babies are so different! I'm not worried yet, I guess I just need to be patient and tell myself he will do it when he's ready! I'll keep you updated on any progress :) 
  • It really is the will @ALBONNET1218. My 3 yo never crawled. She sat and babbled, which eventually turned into talking. She decided to get up and walk around 13.5 months - and still never crawled. This LO is planking and shows the desire to move but is yet to be successful. 
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  • I've been curious about all of this. My LO is sitting unassisted, but not crawling yet. Not even getting up on all fours. I realized a little while ago that with being out and about and doing so much with her older sister, she wasn't getting much time to practice and learn these things. I've started paying attention to that more and trying to give her that time. 
  • Every baby is different. S started sitting unassisted at 6 months, crawling a week after turning 7 months, and cruising a week after that. But she has yet to clap or wave which I know other 8 months olds are doing. I'm not concerned since I know she'll learn it eventually. 
  • Glad to know there are other LOs at the same stage @SandNStarsNJ @BLyn627. I'm sure they will get it soon enough. It makes sense to try and let them practice as much as possible. I feel like I'm already doing that though since I don't have any toddlers to take care of at the sense same time! But I know I can't force it haha so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing I guess!  
  • Vincent has been crawling since about 6 months. He's now 8.5 months and has been pulling himself up on everything for a while. He occasionally let's go and can stand on his own for a few seconds but hasn't tried to take that first step yet. He will just slowly lower himself to sitting and take off crawling instead. He can also climb the stairs (up but not down). I think it's spot on about the motivation. He gets where he wants just fine crawling so walking isn't important to him. He will get there when he is ready.
  • M isn't waving or clapping yet either but loves when I make his hands clap. Or waive his hand hi to daddy or bye to the diaper as we put it down the genie. 
    He will get there! 
  • Same over here @kristah2!! I'm trying to teach him clapping and waving all the time but he just dosent get it yet haha. 
  • E waves some, but it's adorably hesitant. No clapping yet (unless banging two stacking cups together counts). 
  • LO claps but he doesn't wave at all. He has begun to keep just one finger up in the air like he's pointing everywhere. 
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  • No claping or waving here but J will hold his hands in the air to be picked up, clangs toys around to make noise and has started to army crawl. He will be 8 months on the 20th
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