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Hello! I am a former very active bumpie. I had a daughter in 2013 and we are now early in the process of adopting from the Philippines (to canada). 

When did you post on SM that you were wanting to adopt? When is too early? 

I would love to post now, but my DH thinks its soon, because the process isn't super transparent. 

I don't think its too early, considering we've been taking steps to do this for a few months now. 

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Re: Announce on Social Media

  • I don't do social media, so we didn't post anything on there. We did put on our Christmas card that we were starting the Foster Care process and that was right when we were starting our application. But that was also only close friends and family.

    If we were doing private adoption I would probably tell family and close friends about it in person at the beginning of the process, but wouldn't post anything online about it until after adopting and bringing the child home. But that's just me.
  • Personally I have not posted anything because this process could take 2 months or 1 year or 3 years... i did tell my family once we passed our Home Study and signed with the adoption agency. Some of my friends know too. But I'm not super close to everyone I'm connected to on SM so maybe once we're matched to a birth mother I'll do a little teaser of things to come.

    Everyone is so different, so you do you. There's no right or wrong answer.
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  • I think until you have an adoption date, it's probably better to keep it off of social media. BUT, to each their own! I'm not a good secret keeper with big stuff. 
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  • As a birth mother--- DONT POST! DONT POST! DONT POST!!!!!!! At least not without asking her about her situation. You never know if it may endanger or scare a mother away. Sometimes birth mothers are afraid that thier children will be found by the birth father (and he may have left her! Or she left him due to an abusive relationship.... YOU NEVER KNOW!) so please for the love of all that is good seek wisdom and don't "ready fire aim" on this. Someone could get hurt badly, or a mother may change her mind on you and you won't be adopting her baby after all. My advice is just don't do it! Over sharing on something so fragile and delicate shows the lack of knowledge you have on the subject of adoption. Treat the process as it is: a process. Sometimes it works out for the lucky ones, and sometimes it doesn't. My caseworker says 5 out of the 7 adoptions she just placed in the past month were successful. That's real life. Meaning two families came away with no baby. Consider that before you post something! Thanks, 
    -from a Birth Mother
  • @singlemommanbean I don't think anyone was suggesting posting any personal information. Just a post saying "hey, we're adopting a baby" or "we're going to try to adopt a baby" 
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