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Differences between being pregnant younger and older

Hi Ladies!  I have a question for those of you that were pregnant younger and then again older.  I had my first DD when I was 27 and my twins at 30.  Here I am at almost 42 and my experience so far is SO different!  I know that "every pregnancy is different", but it wasn't really for me before.  My symptoms were more intense the second time around because I was having twins.  (Yay, hormones.) But it was very similar.  This is way harder!  I'm wondering if my age is influencing this.  My other thought, which doesn't make much sense, is I wonder if a different partner makes any difference.  Different chemistry?  Anyone else experience things very differently?

Re: Differences between being pregnant younger and older

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    We'll, since it's not fully known what causes morning sickness or why it varies so much, that could be.
    I can say that this is my 2nd AMA pregnancy and both have been pretty easy (like I threw up one time during my first and haven't yet with this one. I've also been able to keep up an active routine with both) so wouldn't say age has been a primary factor. But that's just one case that doesn't mean much.
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    I had babies at 18, 21, 25 and 26.
    I'm currently 39 and everything is pretty much the same except this time I have pain and bloating from bilateral ovarian cysts and I'm SO TIRED.  I was tired with the other babies, but not like this.  I'm 7 weeks and I just slept through a vacation. I could sleep 19 hours a day. I really hope this eases up soon.

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    I delivered my first at 29, my second just after turning 33 and this time I'm 38 and due next month.  My first pregnancy was actually my toughest one.  Although this one was somewhere in between my first and second in terms of morning sickness, once I got past the first trimester, I felt great.  This has actually been my easiest pregnancy.  Compared to the others, I started out this pregnancy at my smallest and in the best shape.  I wasn't too active during the first trimester because of exhaustion and nausea as well as an SCH, but once I started feeling better, I got back into my exercise routine and have continued staying active.  I think that has definitely been a factor in why I've been feeling pretty good.

    I hope things get easier for you soon.
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    I agree. I had babies at 19, 24, 30, 33, 40 and will be due when I'm 44! 
    All boy singletons. Horrible morning sickness which I hope will go by 14 weeks.
    Good luck :)
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    This is my 3rd and I am 39.  I am having a girl, the other 2 were boys.  I am so much more tired than I was with the other 2.
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    I am 43 and So far this seems to be my most enjoyable at 9wks 5days....very little symptoms
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    I had my first at 25, second at 37 and I'm going to be 40 this time. Last time i was so tired and uncomfortable it seemed like a different experience entirely. This time...I think I feel more normal.  
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    I had my first at 27 and had preeclampsia. Now I'm 39 at 16 weeks. I was nauseous and so tired from the beginning of this pregnancy, however I feel some what normal now. 
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    I had my 1st at 32 and it was a smooth ride all 9 months. Now I'm 39 and 17 weeks. The nausea has eased up but I'm tired more and I have to eat every 2 hours.
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    I'm 36 I had my first child around 19 was sick for 3 months my second child I was 21 I was sick the entire time then at 25 sick the entire time again then I was pregnant with twins at 31 that was a really hard pregnancy sick the whole time this pregnancy I am 9 weeks the number 6 baby I have not been sick at all I feel totally normal this is a lot easier I don't know why
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    I'm the complete opposite! I had 3 @ 17, 20, 25 and now I'm 38. This pregnancy is by far harder on my body in every aspect of symptoms. Ugh...
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