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Postpartum doula?

Have any of you ever used a postpartum doula? I didn't know they were a thing until the woman who was teaching our baby care class last night said that's what she does for her day job.

As first-time parents without family who are in a position to lend a hand after the baby is born, the idea of a little help and guidance is intriguing.
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Re: Postpartum doula?

  • I haven't used one, but I've heard of them and they sound nice if you don't have any family to help. The services are pretty pricey that I've seen in my area. I've seen ones that offer daytime and nighttime packages. It seems like they do light cleaning, laundry, cooking, and helping you take naps. 
  • I've just recently heard of them as well! If I had the money it may be something that I would consider. I think it may be helpful for families that don't have much help from family/friends. Looking at prices it seems a lot more affordable to hire someone to clean while I take care of baby if I needed to do that. 
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