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I just found out that I have low platelets from pregnancy. The treatment is steroids. Anyone have to take them during 3rd trimester? Did you have any side effects? The info is all over the map about what it does to you versus the baby. (Note: I also have a placenta previa, so I'm already high risk and scheduled for a c-section, so this just added to the complications). 

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  • @sbl0609 What does your OB say?

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  • Through her nurse, not her directly, she says they're fine. Can only help. I know I don't have a choice, but a bit nervous. 
  • @sbl0609 Steroids can raise your blood sugar, so you may be asked to monitor your numbers or eat a more particular diet while on them. <3

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  • For you, steroids can cause mood swings and weight gain. Short term use causes less side effects. I am not a doctor, but I believe the biggest concern for baby is over, because the palate is fully formed.
  • Can I ask how low?  I normally have low platelets but at my last blood draw they were down to 112.  She did not mention anything to me regarding them but I am not sure what is considered low.  
  • Like @lilpoots said the mood swings are real! At least in my experience, I was either sobbing or throwing things for about 4 days. However I think I'm prone to mood swings, also when I got them baby grew so fast for a few days the stretching pains were insane I suggest Tylenol and massages lol but totally worth it for a healthier peanut! My baby is still 10 days ahead of schedule thanks to them and I got my first dose in May.
  • Thanks everyone. I have a follow up with the hematologist next week so we'll see what he says. 

    @JustBored10, I'm at 120 but has been dropping. With DS1, it was undiagnosed and when they figured it out, they were 48. Its all precautionary at this point. 
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